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Barry (barrypz) | 3070 comments Color, White, Black, Class

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Barry (barrypz) | 3070 comments Light skin and dark skin. There should be equity, not discrimination. The sad truth though is that inequities between the races foster inequities within a race. (Why didMichael Jackson work so hard at skin color?)
After the Civil War, walls went up to preserve White society, but similar walls went up to preserve Light societies. Until now, I had never heard of blue vein societies, where the test to enter was light enough skin to show blue veins.
More recently this has occasionally inverted, where there was a cachet to being very dark. Never universally though, advantage still went to the light of skin. 70% of the women in Nigeria use skin lightening products. Untold White people try to tan and use tanning products. (Interesting (maybe) aside- at a charity I work at, another member that I have worked with for decades sidled up to me in August and held her arm next to mine. She is Black, she was showing me I was darker.)

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Barry (barrypz) | 3070 comments One can be an anti White racist too, particularly if you hand them the power to be racist to them.
Voting. Voter ID and purging voter ranks has been very effective is suppressing the black vote. (doesn’t it sound so reasonable? We are just asking to see an ID. Given the ideals we are supposed to have, we should be wanting people to vote, not stopping them) Think back to Bush-Gore, settled by 537 votes in a state that invalidated over 175,000 ballots
Malcolm X and his ultimate conversion from Black Muslim to Muslim is used an object lesson in growing beyond anti white racism to understanding the difference between White and White Racist, as well as understanding that Whites are not the only racists. (I could refer you to the autobiography of Malcolm X, should you have failed to read that in your formative years).
Not to mention that hate is hate. If you hate Blacks, you ultimately will hate many others. Same is true if you hate Whites. (Nobody wins in a culture of hate) White supremacy is a losing strategy for everybody, especially the White supremacists.
I need to mention “one drop” theory as well. The idea that one drop of black blood makes you black. (Kind of reminds me of the Nazi policies for who is Jewish. Where does this crap come from?)

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Barry (barrypz) | 3070 comments (A friend of mine posted on facebook some absolutes she believed, such as Black people cannot be racist since they are Black, or only a gay can understand homophobia. She got quite a bit of pushback on the idea that we cannot figure things out for ourselves, and have valid opinions) Similarly, the author delves into the idea that Black people cannot be racist because they do not have the power to, then spends a chapter telling us why there are enough Blacks in enough high places that this is just not true. For a Black to believe that they do not have the power undermines the power they have, and overestimates the power of White people. All of us have some level of power, and failure to exercise it may cause us to lose it, like all the people disenfranchised in the Bush-Gore election did.
A decade ago, Chris Rock did a stand up routine that tried to describe how Blacks felt about themselves using humor. It is said he discontinued it because White people were finding it funny for the wrong reasons.
As we moved into the Obama years, we many in the country started to believe that inequity was not caused by racism. We learned differently in the Trump years.

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Barry (barrypz) | 3070 comments By this point the author is in Graduate School and still growing. He is living in a somewhat dangerous section of Philly, but looking around helps him form ideas of race and class. He sees poor blacks in the American Ghettos, and sees them exploited. The elements he sees are not just of racism, but elitism as well. None of this is confined to Blacks, we have the concept of "white trash" as well. Class for class though, Whites are better off than blacks on the average. Rich Whites are richer, Poor Whites are richer too, and have better living situations. Efforts to reduce racism in the 60s and 70s narrowed those gaps, but the type of capitalism we see today exploits the gaps and makes them worse. We have created a system where the top 1% controls 50% of the planet's wealth. (I would not that the author has some of his own conflicts on what capitalism is. Is it represented by the industrialist that seeks to take all, or by Elizabeth Warren and the idea it can work for everybody. It certainly cannot be both)

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