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June/Jul: Betraying Big Brother > Using Families as Weapons: is this why marganlized people speak up first?

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message 1: by Pam (new)

Pam | 1070 comments Mod
Among the majority Han Chinese population, the growing numbers of Chinese women resisting marriage and childbearing pose a challenge to one of the key means of the Party's security apparatus to bring trouble making citizens into line - by threatening the troublemakers own spouses, parents and children, and making them responsible for monitoring their relatives.

For example, one believes that state security subjected Wu Rongrong to more sever abuse than the other members of the Feminist Five because she had a husband and child. It was very easy for the government to use her family members to threaten her.

The others were not married and did not have children so it was much harder for security agents to find something with which to threaten them.”

China is not the only agency or power structure to use family members to keep people in line. Mafia, gangs, and other institutions have been known to use these tactics as well. But I, in my naivete or immense privilege, never imagined that a government entity would do the same.

Many times in history it's outliers or those who don't follow tradition that make waves. In the case of the Feminist Five, Two women were members of the LGBT community. One member of the Feminist Five was survivor of child abuse and had no love for her father or what the Party may say to him.

What is it about outsiders that attracts them to these causes?
If you are a mother or father, how does this make you feel?
If your are childless by choice ... How do you react?

message 2: by Miche (new)

Miche | 4 comments Yes I just struck by this also. You hear about this tactic being used in North Korea. Its quite disturbing to hear how people’s loved ones are victimised.

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