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Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 2893 comments Mod
Hi all. I've been pretty much absent for a while. We've been trying to get moved in (since Feb.) Two days after we got settled into the new place the old place was hit by the tornadoes that went through Nashville back in Feb. so we ended up leaving anything not moved yet behind.

Then of course we jumped right into "lock down". Happily my daughter has a job she can work from home and I'm now on SS so we are still paying the rent and eating. I just got my bed set up today...and there are still a few things to "assemble" here. I'm also planning on buying a lawn mower and so on (don't have one) so, yeah been a bit busy.

Still I'm a "bit older" so frequent rest breaks are required. LOL. I've done a lot of reading.

I'm about to level a "gripe" and even as I do so i realize I'm being unreasonable goes. Do you ever look at the book lists to the left of the title you're reading about here and check the "books like"?

Yeah...seldom are they really anything like the book you've just read, reviewed, or rated. I'm often at a loss to figure how they could be considered anything alike.

Oh well, grip aired, sorry about that that, just wanted to vent. That's sort of what I thought we could use this thread for. Nothing special, just if you have something you want to say.

Any way, hope I'll be able to be around more I've been off line a while.


message 2: by Mike (the Paladin) (last edited May 27, 2020 10:10PM) (new)

Mike (the Paladin) (thepaladin) | 2893 comments Mod
Sorry, the list I'm talking about is to the "right" of the title...okay so I'm screwed up ion other ways.

message 3: by Jen_Ken (new)

Jen_Ken a.k.a....Jenny from the block | 180 comments No worries... Please be careful out there everyone...That was my favorite line I remember from Hill Street Blues.... Well in a few more hours I go under the knife... You all take care... I have a book to finish when I get home.... Funny can't seem to be able to concentrate this week on reading.... Don't have a job yet but my phone interview went well yesterday...Not sure if I make the cut to the next level but I'll know next week... I have hope. ”Remember hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things and no good thing ever dies”........

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