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message 1: by Brenda, Suspense lover! (new)

Brenda | 9468 comments Mod
We have decided, after much discussion, to implement guidelines for our challenges to avoid "grey" areas in some situations:)

General Rules

**All books must be at least 125 pages long

**Re-reads are allowed (unless otherwise stated)

**If books are written by more than one author you can use either of the authors in challenges

**Short story collections and anthologies are allowed but only if you read the entire book and they meet the page limit requirement of 125

Unless they are specifically asked for as part of any challenge we will NOT accept:

**Children's books - unless they have YA or Middle Grade designator on main page
**Fan fiction
**Manga, Comic Books, Work Reports/Papers, Newspapers, Magazines and Graphic Novels
**Cook books

Any questions: check with one of your moderators:)

2020 Annual Challenges are fine as is - seasonal to begin with Winter...

message 2: by Brenda, Suspense lover! (new)

Brenda | 9468 comments Mod
From now on (June 1st 2020) we'll be adding a check mark to your name when challenges are complete. That way it'll give encouragement if you've maybe only got one book left ;) I've updated the Annuals, as well as Autumn (just ended). Phrynne will do her challenges as well...

Happy reading everyone!!

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