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Sam | 34 comments Many books are published with rave reviews. You do wonder how this happens, so quickly when the book or books have only just been published? A conclusion, in some instances, is that influential groups, or individuals are paid, to give exceptional review, almost regardless of the books merit or authenticity, as pointed out by Goodreads.
From personal experience this author, waited four years, to obtain reviews (other than Amazon) for his maritime novels. There was a sequel, which, believe assisted in gaining attention. Also, it takes time to read a novel and this author was new to marketing. Copies were requested from both Sea Breezes. A magazine reviewer for the Cadet received copies of all novels and anthologies. Good reviews were given, for both maritime novels, and author's publications are listed under old Conway, authors. This has assisted with the build of confidence. Also, most popular read category on a promote KDP site for romantic thriller - Dancing on the Beach by Sam Grant helped at a time of - "Do I have any readers moment?" In 2017 - found that a readership did exist for author's books.
First novel Atlantic Hijack has received good Amazon reviews.

This author was under no illusions about marketing. Main stream publishers have tremendous resource to promote a given author's book. As a partner publisher this author really needed to build his own marketing strategy. Marketing is a skill set which writers do not always possess, although author has in his working life been involved with marketing but writing novels, short stories or poetry often takes first priority. It's important to target your readership. This seems an obvious point, but this requires gaining interest from editors of magazines or journals which print articles about - romantic, action , adventure, science fiction, mystery or whatever genre your novel covers. As a self published author you have to sort of morph into your own literary agent. This is not ideal, but it can be an advantage to have editorial control over marketing and seek to gain a readership which will want to read further novels. Author published his first novel in 2014. Reviews are probably the most powerful and lasting marketing effect going forward. There's also a matter of topicality around novel launch. There are definitely strong seams of potential readership and viewing for crime thrillers, for example. There is of course that dream of an author novel script, being chosen for a film. That overnight blockbuster novel might not get written , but each novel is an individual creative achievement for an author. It's important to target an already interested readership and hopefully gain new readers for your novels.

Author publishes on Amazon at:-

More recently a blog has become, you might say, more visible, with commentaries, short stories and poems. Plus a listing for latest novel - Persuasion's Price - mystery thriller. Cover displays are also available for novels and books on this website.

This is at
Point of interest.

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Sam | 34 comments It's very difficult to know what to believe. Popular novels do get superlative reviews and comments. From a reader perspective, unless you've read an author's previous novel or novels you need to read a few chapters from an Amazon preview - that's if you cannot pick the novel off a shelf in a bookshop for a browse. That preview "read," does give you an indication of the author's style. Whether you like the dialogue? character portrayal? flow? or lack of any, in the storyline? Is it your kind of read? That's for you, the reader to decide. Even previously popular authors can disappoint. From an author's perspective, of how difficult authoritative reviews are to obtain, gushing recommendations for certain authors, newly published novels, by supposedly reputable sources, does defy belief.

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