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SRC Moderator | 4543 comments Mod
There are just a few days left in the Spring Challenge, so there are some things you need to do NOW!

1. Post any tasks that you have already completed - NOW. You may think a long, impressive bunch of tasks posted at the last minute seems cool, but it creates many potential problems for you and for the moderators. If your tasks are not posted completely and correctly by midnight Eastern time on May 31, you don’t get credit for them, no matter why they didn’t get posted.
You may have trouble with Goodreads, with the internet or with your computer - things happen.

If you post tasks at the last minute, problems may not be identified in time for you to deal with them and get credit for the task. Sometimes the problem is that you forgot to include required information, but if you don’t post until the last day, there may not be time for me to identify the problem and you to fix it before midnight.

There is no guarantee that I will be reviewing tasks "live" as they are posted. Your last-minute posts may be reviewed after the posting deadline.

Remember that to get credit for a task, it must be posted with all necessary requirements in the post and the books must fit the task. If you have any doubts about a book that you’re planning to read at the last minute, you should get it approved in the help thread (and include that information in your post) to avoid any last minute disappointments.

If you're claiming a children's book, I suggest including the AR Bookfinder information, even if you don't notice the genre childrens on the main page. That may avoid problems.

2. From here on out, you should post tasks as you finish them, rather than holding them to post a bunch at a time. And, please, before you post, read the task requirements! If something says REQUIRED, you must include it. Read through the task requirements one last time before you post, to make sure that your book actually works for the task and that you’ve included everything.

Every season, it seems that someone waits until 11 PM on the last night to post 20 or so tasks - and, frequently, there are problems with one or more of those tasks that cannot be resolved before midnight. Don't be that person!!!

Despite our quarterly requests to avoid posting lots of tasks at the last minute, someone always does. If I get bogged down in dealing with one person's bulk last minute posts, I may not get to posts from those who post regularly until it is too late to fix any problems. In order to be fair to those who have posted as we request and not held everything to the last minute, I will be prioritizing my review on the final day of the challenge. When I am reviewing, I will give priority to posts that are by continuing members, then will go back and work on the posts from those first posting or doing a major catch-up on the final day. Depending on the volume of last day posts, this may or may not be a problem for those who have held their posts until the very end.
Just do your catch up posting NOW.

3. If you’re planning on reading any books that only exist in e-book form, make sure that they’ve been approved for length. Check the spreadsheet linked in post 1 of the ebook verification thread first, and if your book hasn’t already been approved, post in the approval thread NOW, so that there will be time to do the research and give you approval. You need to make any requests for approval by Friday night, May 29.

Remember that the spreadsheet line or post # MUST be listed in your completed task post for any book that only exists in ebook form, and ebook only formats may not be used for tasks that require a specific number of pages or page limit.

4. Check your Readerboard totals for points, Golden Oldies and Big Books NOW. If they don’t agree with your records, first make sure that you check the post through which the Readerboards have been updated. Then check your math, check to see if you have messages in the ?/problem thread, check to make sure that you’ve actually posted the tasks that you think you have – GR has been known to eat messages! If checking all of those things doesn’t resolve the discrepancy, post in the ?/problem thread right away, giving as much info as possible so that I can try to resolve it.

If a problem was noted with one of your postings, be sure that you reposted the task in the regular posting thread - an edit to the old post, or a note in the ?/problems thread amending the post is not sufficient.

Let's try to have a smooth and problem free end to the Spring Challenge.

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Kristina Simon (kristinasimon) | 10918 comments Mod
Fair warning -- I'm planning to be on a boat by Sunday evening for the beginning of a 5 day trip. I'll have Internet and I'll be checking posts but, really, it's in your best interest to post any tasks that you have already completed - RIGHT NOW. Just saying....

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