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✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ | 422 comments Name: Fuji Lionsmane
Age: 8
Gender: Male
Section: Speaker
Power: Fuji can speak to cats. All kinds of cats. Housecats, lions, tigers, if it's classified as a feline then he can talk to it. He'll usually rearrange the words when translating out loud, though, because some cats can be very rude.
Class: Outcast
Family: Well, they're all dead. Could I possibly make him a long-lost relative of Serenity? Just for a plot twist, neither of them would know that they were related until further in the story.
Appearance: Long, black hair that he usually wears in a tight braid. When it's loose, it goes down to his knees. Brilliant amber-gold eyes like a hawk's. Bronze skin. He's tiny, even for a nine-year-old, and is often mistaken for a girl because of his hair.
Personality: Oh, dear. Who had the brilliant idea to give this boy caffeine? Fuji is bouncy, energetic, and curious. He's super ADHD and can't sit still for over thirty seconds. This child usually talks so fast that nobody can understand what he's saying.
History: Fuji's parents died when he was very young. He still remembers exactly how it happened, but nobody believed him when he said that men with black cloaks had murdered them. He's lived on the streets for most of his life, and the other homeless people he's met are fiercely overprotective of him because he's such a sweet precious child
Taken Trial or No: Nope.

Name: Dawn Silverlight
Age: 11
Gender: Female
Appearance: Dawn has blond hair, not platinum blond, but just strawberry blond hair with green eyes that have shades of grey in them.
Power: Emotions. Dawn always thought she was an Empty, causing her certain pain nothing could take away. When her sister 'fell', or rather, was pushed, Dawn cracked. The last time she had spoken to her sister was in a big fight that made them both upset. Dawn cracked and she realized she wasn't an Empty. She was a Forcer who could force emotions, whether that was good, or if that was bad.
Section: Forcer
Class: Nobility
Family: Serenity Silverlight(deceased?), Mother, Father
History: Dawn grew up in the shadow of her older sister, forgotten and ignored. Although her sister did show attention to Dawn, Dawn still felt saddened but never wanted to even hurt her sister. This caused her negativity in life, and she grew afraid of her parents, her butler, and the fear of being alone and forgotten haunted her the most. She knew her sister would help her, but everyone else would forget. She loves her sister even through the hard times. When she realized she was most likely a certain Empty, she got ready to say her goodbyes to her 'friends', which was basically people who wanted attention from her so they could say they knew Serenity's sister. Sometimes even teachers forgot her name, referring to her as 'Serenity's younger and less mature sister'. She shrugged it off, but each forgotten moment slowly dug the knife deeper into her heart, but the one person she never let go of was her sister. She knew, deep down, she would sacrifice herself for her sister. And although her last meeting with her sister ended on a low note, and Dawn never got to apologize for her wrongdoing, she knows that she would never forget her sister, and she would never let anyone forget the fact that her sister was kind, selfless, and brave, and was DEFINITELY NOT CLUMSY(which is what the messenger said)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Probably Actual History: Dawn grew up under somewhat different conditions than an average person would. Her mother, a summoner of snakes, would punish both her and her sister for any small wrongdoing they did, causing them to have to be perfectionists. Dawn grew up, like a little plant in the desert, and Serenity was the beautiful flower that was eye-catching and rare. Dawn tried not to fight with her sister, even though sometimes it was hard not to. She always apologized even if it hurt her pride to do so. You might consider her a brat, which could be true, but she always hid her true self which was an artist, an avid reader, and a free mind.
Taken Trial Or Not: No

name: Keith

age: 13

gender: male

section (shifters, etc): forcer

power (detailed): he can force people to be calm or make them become unworried and quick to trust. So he pretty much dampens anger, stress, and nerves.

class: worker

family: both of his parents are alive, he has one sister who will take the trial in a year.

history: nothing to dramatic, he took the trial when he was twelve like everyone else, altho he did have a small fight with a cat when he was twelve, he has a few small scars on his forearm from that.

taken trial or no ( they take the trial at 12): yes

Dylan Cillia

Age)) 12

Gender)) Female

Appearance)) Dylan has warm brown skin the color of milk chocolate but a bit lighter and warmer. It looks almost golden-ish in sunlight. She has jade green eyes with light hazel flecks in them, and has a light brushing of freckles on her cheeks. Dylan is pretty short at 5’0, and has a lean build. Her hair is as black and slightly(barely even there) iridescent as raven wings. Her hair’s sully in a braid or ponytail, but is occasionally left down.

Personality)) Dylan is a quiet and mysterious girl. She ignores everyone who tries to provoke her/pick a fight with her, and is almost always found with her diary/journal in her hand, or her prized steel dagger with a dark stone embedded in the hilt. She is kind and helpful to everyone around her, but is very stubborn about protecting everyone she can that she cares about. She’s very reckless with her own life, always volunteering herself for dangerous situations. She is wise and gives good advice when it comes to others, but not to herself. She is kind of in love with designing and making weapons. A rare happy and carefree look comes across her face whenever she draws a design for one, or is making one. She’s a good fighter, and it may seem like she lets what everyone says about her-like ‘Mute Freak and etc- roll right off her back, but it doesn’t. She does a pretty good job of hiding it, but it hurts really badly.

Power)) Can create illusions. One day, Dylan noticed that her older brother always came home with bruises, and would lie(not very well) about where he got them. So one day, Dylan decided to follow him. She snuck through the shadows and saw a bunch of kids beating him up. She felt boiling and bursting anger, and her vision went red. With an enraged scream, the kids saw monsters and ran away. But they were just illusions(and spread thin ones at that), and disappeared the second they were gone. She’s tried to use her powers for good and not serious reasons as to not lose control, but more than a few times, she’s slipped up.

Section)) Forcer

Class)) Working

Family)) Dylan’s family are a group of weapon makers. Their weapons are well made and are given to help the military. She has two older siblings named Link and Fayre, a mother named Vienna, and a father named Quill

History)) Dylan was born as the third and youngest child of the Cillia family. Because of this, it felt like she was trapped in her family’s shadow. Her being mute didn’t help. Everyone acted as if she was nothing more than a pretty face. Her older siblings were very extroverted and popular, always the life of the party. She didn’t mind that though, she had always admired them and accepted that, that wasn’t who she was. She’s always been in the shadows, but that okay for her; she likes the darkness; it’s been one of her only true friends. Her books and weapons were another one. She’s always been known as the quiet, serene and mature sibling. If only they knew that even those things were true, she was much more than that.
Taken Trial Or Not)) Yes

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ | 422 comments I'd like to give a shoutout to JAY, CHIGEEN, and POTATOES for giving me these characters

Shoutout to CAMI and AVA for working on theirs!

✝✝ Christina ✝✝✝ | 422 comments I am having my siblings choose! Top 2 go into a poll for you guys. I literally do none of the choosing now that I think of it...


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