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Alexander DeVal | 11 comments Little Mousey (Cheesy haha) Roleplay

zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) | 22 comments I much thanketh thy. Thou?

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) | 22 comments Name: X-3 (She'll probably get a real name soon enough)
Age (on the basis that one month is about 4 years): 4 months
Gender: Female
Personality: X is very friendly. She's a bit naive, but she's incredibly sweet and super supportive. She wears her heart on her sleeve, or technically her paw it you want to be picky. However, X lacks a lot of common sense. She doesn't seem to understand that most animals won't hesitate to eat her.
History: She was born and grew up in a lab, where she was frequently tested on. She escaped about two days ago, and now she's out on the streets with absolutely no idea what the heck she's supposed to do now.
Other: Her fur is a very specific shade of yellow. Have you ever seen a Crayola Laser Lemon crayon? That's the color.

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Alexander DeVal | 11 comments Sorry, had a busy couple of days. but I'll be on everyday for awhile again, or should be anyway haha. In this case the proper word would be thee, or thou thy is possessive, thee is formal, thou is informal :) lol, sorry for the nerdiness there. I'll have a sheet filled out in just a sec

zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) | 22 comments Thanks! I'm probably gonna update my sheet a little; when I filled it out earlier I was using a different device that I'm a slow typer on.

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Alexander DeVal | 11 comments Would you mind if I have my mouse have a habit of adopting lost mice, and has a small group of really young mice in her shelter place?

zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) | 22 comments Sure! That's a great idea!

zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) | 22 comments I have to go for a bit, but I'll be back in about twenty minutes!

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Alexander DeVal | 11 comments Name: Ivory
Age: 4 months
Gender: Female
Personality: Ivory is a little gruff, but in the end she’s incredibly nurturing, and has a habit of taking in stray mice. She’s more likely to tell something than ask it, and doesn’t like rhetorical or “useless” questions, but loves deep exchanges, and will soften up a little bit if something interests her or otherwise engages her mind.
History: Ivory was originally bred in to be a pet, but followed a couple of her siblings out of the pet store when a human was robbing it. The trio got lost and never found their way back to the pet store, and now Ivory lives with two adopted baby mice, Pitter and Patter.
Other: Ivory use to be a white mouse, but she doesn’t often get the chance to clean herself, so now she’s more of a dingy cream, and has a hole in her ear from a near battle with a cat.

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) | 22 comments ((Well, uh, I'm back now! Sorry for taking so long, my parents declared a technology free day ;-; Anywho, Ivory looks great! I think I'm just gonna start roleplaying now so we can get it started))

Project X-3 scurried through the streets, staying close to the curb. The huge rolling boxes were a bit scary, and she didn't really want to be smushed. She scampered into an alley. Her long tail twitched a little as she sniffed the air. A shadow loomed over her head, and she whirled around to face a large, mangy cat with fur the color of mud. "Hello!" X squeaked cheerfully, completely unaware that the cat wanted to eat her. "Would you do me a favor and tell me where- AHH!" She yelped as the cat batted her into a nearby wall. The tiny mouse fell to the ground, a bit of blood staining her lemon-colored fur. The cat sprinted towards her, and she barely managed to get out of the way. "Help!" She yelled as loud as she could. Hopefully someone heard her.

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Alexander DeVal | 11 comments ((No worries! Life happens :), and thank you!))

Ivory had been collecting scraps of bread and various other abandoned food items when she heard a distressed squeak from not far off. Startled, she dropped her crumbs, and then sighed heavily, scramping over to where she heard the call, mumbling, "Those dang cats again." Ivory's ears twitch down in confusion when she encounters the injured neon mouse against the wall, but she waits for the cat to focus on the strange mouse, before sneaking past and darting to snatch her up as quickly as she could, and started scampering quickly to a near by crack in the wall, dragging the injured mouse just past the cat's reach, before quietly whispering to her, while searching the small hole for something to cover the wounds the yellow mouse received from the cat. "You need to pay more attention around here. Everyone knows how many cats are in this area, learn to use the tunnels." She advised, reffering to the various holes in the walls that had been further hollowed out for rats, mice, and other small creatures to get by unnoticed by cats, humans, and dogs.

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) | 22 comments ((Thanks for being so understandimg! I'm not going to be super active for a while,but I'll post when I can!))

"So that's what they're called!" X exclaimed. "Cats! I was wondering about that. Are they all this rude?" Without waiting for an answer, she looked down at herself. "I'm a bit of a mess, aren't I?" She laughed a little bit. "You know, I've never sen a mouse with that color fur before. It's really pretty." She said. All of the other mice in the lab had been dyed all sorts of colors, from magenta to navy blue. "And... did you say tunnels? Wow! There's so much to explore around here!" X didn't seem to realize how much she was talking. She also didn't seem to realize that she was injured, or that the cat was prowling outside the hole. She hadn't been in the outside world before. Everything was so new and bright and shiny, or at least from her perspective.

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) | 22 comments ((Hello?))

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