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The Ocean at the End of the Lane
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The Ocean...Lane: Neil Gaiman > Read: Chapter 12

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Karen (karenharding) | 233 comments Mod
Read to the end of chapter 12 by 01/06/20

Leave your insights and comments below.

Karen (karenharding) | 233 comments Mod
Every time I think I’ve been creeped out enough, they pull something else out that creeps me out even more. The scene with his heart was easy to read, but my brain was like holy macaroni-ing.

I think you’re right, Patrick, about Monkton being not quite the Voldemort of her story, as she said she never made his father hurt him...wonder if that means she just gave his father the ability to do what he really wanted, and all he wanted perhaps was to murder his little brat.

Patrick | 27 comments Maybe. I think we have a name for him now - he's George. And the cleaners are un-birds?

I liked the bit where he had to stay inside the circle. For some reason it reminded me of old episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which is strange, what with none of the characters being 7 year olds. Wonder if the ending will reveal any more about what his parents and sister were really like? As you say, sometimes its hinted that his dad, in particular, might be quite a nasty piece of work.

Sarah (calypte) | 84 comments Strange, Buffy is starting a rerun on E4 tonight :)

Patrick | 27 comments Sarah wrote: "Strange, Buffy is starting a rerun on E4 tonight :)"

It might have been on my mind because I saw the ad when I was watching Film4 yesterday - or the article in the Guardian today listing the 20 best episodes.

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