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The Ocean at the End of the Lane
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The Ocean...Lane: Neil Gaiman > Read: Chapter 2

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Karen (karenharding) | 233 comments Mod
Read to the end of chapter 2 by 26/05/20.

Leave your insights and comments below.

Patrick | 27 comments "For Amanda, who wanted to know" Um, lol...?! I suppose that's always a risk you take when dedicating a book to anyone, really.

Really like the opening line. Sets the mood. On some level we're all just dressed in adult clothing, pretending, aren't we? From my hazy memory of reading this years ago, it's kind of what the whole book is about.

Karen (karenharding) | 233 comments Mod
I just finished chapter 1, about to start chapter 2, and all I can say is WT... Fluffy! 😭

message 4: by Karen (last edited May 26, 2020 02:45PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Karen (karenharding) | 233 comments Mod
Quite in line with the events of this chapter, four police cars are currently parked outside sorting out the local riff raff, who decided to have a spat on top of a van. Not beside it. On top of it. Also, there were about 20 of them, and they took turns hitting each other with sprite bottles, while yelling obscenities at each other.

It made the whole chapter read like it was in 4DX, with police sirens wailing IRL, at the same point as they did in the book.

Meanwhile, I am loving this book. Unless I’ve just missed it, we don’t know this boy’s name, but we do know his mind, and he has a great way of looking for light when everything keeps going any way but his. That whole paragraph where he completely zones out into a bowl of delicious porridge was just brilliant.

Patrick | 27 comments All much quieter round my way last night. But then my area does seem weirdly ghostly at night, given it's only 10 minutes from Waverley. Anyway, the book... I really liked the way the bit where he discovers the body of the opal miner in the car is written and the comparison with the Madame Tussauds waxworks "they could not look truly dead because they did not ever look alive".

Karen (karenharding) | 233 comments Mod
Yeah that was cool, and I remember having the exact same experience at the dungeons in London as a kid, with all the torture victims and rats in chest cages. Gross, but oh so plastique.

Sarah (calypte) | 84 comments So far behind, guys, but loving these comments. Can't believe they fridged Fluffy!

Karen (karenharding) | 233 comments Mod
@sarah, I know, right! I’m still not over it. 😭

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