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message 1: by yanitta☏ (new)

yanitta☏ (yanitta) | 70 comments Mod
We will be reading The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes June 15th, 2020! You can read as much as you want and comment your discussions below.

If you are joining this Buddy Read, comment below! Everyone is welcome! If you have already read it, you can join the discussions as well.

We can talk about it as long as there is a spoiler tag, or it's kept spoiler-free.

message 2: by Kaitlyn (new)

Kaitlyn (kaitlynreadskaitlyn) | 6 comments I definitely will be reading it and I’m super excited! :)

 *:・゚✧ Isabelle (semi-hiatus) (isabellev14) | 3 comments Kinda want to join this one! Here's to hoping my library will have the book available on June 15th :' )

message 4: by Kaitlyn (new)

Kaitlyn (kaitlynreadskaitlyn) | 6 comments I’m just starting the book now

☀︎El In Oz☀︎ (elinoz) Hope you love this, it was 5/5 for me

 *:・゚✧ Isabelle (semi-hiatus) (isabellev14) | 3 comments This book is going by really slowly but I've finally made it to part 3! The Hunger Games was quite fast-paced, I wonder what happened 🤔🤔

Also, (spoilers for chapter 20) (view spoiler)

message 7: by diana (new)

diana (justanotherfangirl) | 1 comments so I made it to part 3 last night, I've enjoyed it so far, I didn't like that much how part 2 ended tho, it felt so sudden, (view spoiler)

I still don't know how I feel about this book, I think so far it's a 3/5 for me, we'll see after the ending

 *:・゚✧ Isabelle (semi-hiatus) (isabellev14) | 3 comments Honestly, the first two parts were a solid 4/5 (borderline 5/5) for me, but going into the third part it automatically dropped to a 3/5. The relationship development between Coriolanus and Lucy Gray feels rushed in a way. (view spoiler)

On another note, we finally get to see the origins of "The Hanging Tree"! I know that we were told we were gonna find out in this book, but I still fangirled a little too hard when I saw it >.<

Hope the book is going well for everyone else!

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