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Scythe (Arc of a Scythe, #1)
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olivia (oliviarose_) | 381 comments Mod
This discussion is for discussing the May/June BOTM, Scythe by Neal Shusterman.

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Hello,
I honestly had no idea that Scythe was botm but I got it from the library on my kindle this month after a VERY long wait and read it this month so...great coincidence!

I thought Scythe was an interesting book. I understand that it's sci-fi/dystopian (is it sci fi or dystopian?) but it still seems so...unrealistic. I don't think that if natural death was eliminated that recruiting a bunch of people to kill people at random in any way they might like is the way that preventing overpopulation would be handled.

I also felt like the characters were under developed. I didn't feel very connected to them and they just didn't seem to have strong emotions or anything.

Still, despite my complaints, I did find the plot interesting and there were some super interesting plot twists and overall I felt like it was an interesting story. I can't wait to read the second book!

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Emilie | 1191 comments Mod
I really need to read this!! All of my friends have read Scythe and said it was fantastic so I have to read it!!

rafia ✿ (dorkylust) OMG YES this has been one of my top pics on my tbr !! so excited <33

message 5: by Emma (new)

Emma | 3 comments I have it as an ebook on Scribd, which isn’t my preferred format (I was really hoping to find the audiobook!) My library is semi-reopening in June, though, starting with curbside pickup - so I’ll definitely try to get my hands on this!

rafia ✿ (dorkylust) i just got the pdf online - i'm on page 73 as i barely have time to read but I'm really enjoying it so far !!

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Huh! I haven't heard of the second book being the favorite in a trilogy...I'm waiting for the second from the library. The first was pretty good, though not the best that I've read.

Hannah ♥️  (im-a-cat-leave-me-alone) | 110 comments I read this book last summer, and I loved how thought-provoking it was/the questions it raised; Like, what's life without death? Is it okay to kill in this kind of world? Thunderhead is my favorite in the trilogy, though.

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Ack, now I wanna read the second, I'm stuck in line for it!!!

Phoenix (Books with Wings) I'm number 20 on six copies so...maybe a month?

Michihako (michimochi) | 4 comments I'm on book 3 right now aaa.. it's so good!!

rafia ✿ (dorkylust) I'm almost done yay, how's reading going for everyone else? I feel like I'm the only one reading this for the first time lol....

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Yeah, I read this a while ago. I just finished the second one and it was okay...I thought it would be really good because the people I've talked to liked it better than the first, but I liked the first better.

rafia ✿ (dorkylust) oh, wow. I really like the world!! it's really interesting and I'm almost finished heh I kind of don't want it to end. I hope the next book is just as good for me!!

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Yeah, I suppose it's interesting. I still don't understand the point of scythes, as there are much simpler ways to reduce the population in less violent ways, but I've been told that gets cleared up in the third book.

urmom (urmomreadsbooks) | 31 comments hello. i just joined this book club literally right now. anyway, i read scythe a couple weeks ago, and i really enjoyed it. i like this
book better than the second one, but i still need to get my hands on the final installment hehe

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✨R   y   e✨ (sassypantsryefrye) | 23 comments I've only read book one a while ago, and omg it was so good

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