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Deadpool | 35 comments Mod
Name: Wally Wilson
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Superhero Parent; Deadpool
Alter Ego: Lil' Deadpool
Powers: Powerful Healing Abilities, Trained Assassin, Sarcasm and Humor.
Weapon(s): Boomerangs, Dual Katanas, Dual Pistols, Words.

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) I'm sorry, was I supposed to care? You started talking, so I just zoned out.

Name: Samiriah "Sam" Laufeyson
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Orientation: Lesbian as heck
Superhero Parent: Loki
Codename: She doesn't really see the need for one

Don't smash the button. Press it gently.

Personality: Sam is sarcastic, abrasive, and won't hesitate to tell you if you're doing something stupid. She has a fierce temper, but she never yells. She has a sort of you're an idiot aura. Towards people she's never met, she can seem cold and calculating, but if you take the time and get to know her then she's pretty fun to be around. As long as you don't piss her off.

This? This is just further proof that you're a dumbass

History: Her mother left when she was two, leaving Sam to be raised by Loki. Her father did a pretty good job, and she's grown up smart, strong, and independent. She's been well trained in using her powers, although she occasionally slips up and teleports to her old house by accident - but that's not important. She joined the "New Generation" team even though her father didn't want her to.

Stop acting like you know everything.I can tell you from personal experience that you don't.

Face Claim: IDK
Dress Style: A dark green leather jacket with jeans and a solid-color t-shirt
Suit: I'm too lazy to draw it - Just imagine Wanda Maximoff's Infinity War suit but in like a forest green

We're only in this mess because you wanted to know what the button did!

Power: Astral projection, shape-shifting, teleportation, enhanced mental prowess
Weapons: Twin throwing knives that she can summon like Thor's hammer

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Deadpool | 35 comments Mod
Ready to start the rp? and maybe invite some strays people.

zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) I'm just about done making her

And, yeah, I'll invite some peeps

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Deadpool | 35 comments Mod
Hey potatoes. Can you at least be active? I'm trying very hard to advance this storyline! I've roleplayed on almost all of your groups!

zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) I thought you said you were going AFK and not to start the storyline without you. So I didn't start the storyline without you.

Plus, I was in the shower.

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Deadpool | 35 comments Mod
ok. Nobody is joining 😭

message 8: by Deadpool (new)

Deadpool | 35 comments Mod
I'll start the rp

message 9: by zaide [...moss] (last edited May 27, 2020 12:07PM) (new)

zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Oh.


I hadn't seen this earlier, and I kinda already started it.


message 10: by Deadpool (new)

Deadpool | 35 comments Mod
First, I love the detail, but read the rules. Choose a character from the list. I would enjoy for you both to be in the rp though!

message 11: by Deadpool (new)

Deadpool | 35 comments Mod
Also only one character, but I'll make an excuse for you😁.

message 12: by Deadpool (new)

Deadpool | 35 comments Mod
I would recommend Thor and Wolverine based on your characters.

message 13: by Brian (new)

Brian (oscart) | 4 comments Ok, sorry, didn't see the list. Why those specific characters? It seems very limited. I will take another look and see what I can do.

message 14: by Brian (new)

Brian (oscart) | 4 comments Name: Artixon “Artie” Thorson
Codename: Ragnarok
Age: 15
Gender: Male
Superhero Parent – Thor
Powers/Abilities: Ragnarok can fly at subsonic speeds, has the strength to lift 10 tons, as well as enhanced durability, and agility.

HT: 5-5 Hair: Red
WT: 200 Eyes: Blue
Appearance: https://scontent-dfw5-1.cdninstagram....


History: Many years ago, the Norse God Thor came to Iceland to rest and recover from his battles. On the island, he met a young maiden, Finndis Aronsdottir, whom he coerced into become his servant. At first, she would come to him every day with food and pleasantries, but soon he came to care for this mortal girl and she began coming to his bed at night as well. After Thor returned to Asgard, young Finndis found herself to be with child, with no memory of how she came to be this way. Artie was born nine months later, and only on the night of his birth did Finndis become aware of her son’s father, as Thor visited one last time and bestowed a blessing on his son. Finndis kept the truth of Artie’s parentage from her son. However, on his 13th birthday, Artie became aware of the blessing bestowed by his true father. In a dream it was revealed that Artie was to travel to the top of Baula Mountain to find the wishing stone of myth. Awakening, Artie found that he had already made the journey in the dream world and gained possession of this mythological wishing stone. Thor returned in another dream and showed young Artie how to forge the stone into a huge mace, and revealed to his son his true heritage, and the benefits of being half-god. Artie, still angry at being abandoned by his father, became, for a short period of time, a super-powered troublemaker. Eventually, he came to accept the reality of his upbringing and chose to use his abilities for good. Adopting the codename Ragnarok, he became something of a local legend. Artixon Thorson has made a name for himself as a sculptor as well.

Personality: Artixon still, at times, has anger issues, but is relatively well adjusted and is a true friend once his respect and trust has been won.

Other: Ragnarok carries a large mace that he has trained to throw accurately. Though it does not return upon command, he is always aware of its whereabouts

message 15: by [deleted user] (new)

Bubble Anne Barton

Daughter of Clint and Laura Barton


natural makeup blue eyes smokey brown hair | Dark hair blue eyes ...

Bubble is a huggy person. For sure. But she's always second guessed herself and her thoughts. She's an anxious girl and honestly has zero self confidence. Her and her Father are extremely close, and she's a lot like him smarts wise, but she got her mothers personality. No one calls her Bubble, although that is her name, and she's usually called Anne. Only her siblings call her Bubble, and her father....of course.

History: Bubble's the youngest, to her older brothers, and therefore has the smarts....cuz, y'know, the brains skip a child everytime. She's a great shot, something that her father taught her. But her powers she inherited from her mother. She's able to see the dead. The only downside? She's deaf. Yep, Bubble is deaf, well, partly deaf considering she wears a hearing aid. Another thing is her mother? She left just months after the youngest was born, muttering about how she hated everyone. Clint's done well, raising the kids.

Father- Love; 99.9 percent. Hate; .1 percent.
Mother- Love; 10%. Hate; 90%
Daughter- Love;100%

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) All are approved

message 17: by kylee, (new)

kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) Frankly I'm scared of clowns, get-togethers get me down. But when we talk it's like wow! I'm not crazy! -AJR
Name: Phoebe Parker
Nicknames: Flow, Fo, Beebee, Crazy
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Orientation: Morosexual (Attracted to someone with lower intelligence than her XD)
Personality: Silly and a teensy bit crazy. She's addicted to cats and has a secret blog about her cat named Archie. Flow hates bad guys and will do anything to defeat them. Phoebe is actually way smarter than she looks.
History: Phoebe was bitten by a radioactive spider at a young age, her father helped her control her crazy powers.
Appearance: (view spoiler) Phoebe is tall and skinny with bright red hair. She wears basketball shorts and band shirts all the time when casual.
Family: Peter Parker, unknown wife, little twin brothers named Pete and Preston.
Alter Ego: Spyder
Suit: Spidersona: Bluebird by Hiccupping on DeviantArt | Spiderman ...
Power: Wallclimbing, poisen bite, good reflexes, spider sense, stanima.
Weapons: Throwing stars.
Other: Archie: 10 Best Large Cat Breeds - Top Big Cat List and Pictures

message 18: by zaide [...moss] (new)

zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) I approve her so very much

message 19: by kylee, (new)

kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) Thank you! (Should I just plop her where you guys are or.....)

message 20: by zaide [...moss] (new)

zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) (Yeah pretty much)

message 21: by kylee, (new)

kylee,  (allmyfriends_arefictional) (Okay!)

message 22: by Kanomi Okina (new)

Kanomi Okina (goodreadscomkanomi_okina) | 2 comments Name: Asiza Munroe
Super Identity: Shadowstriker
Age: 12 1/2, but acts like a teenager
Gender: Female
Powers: Speed, Strength, reflexes and senses of a panther. Electrical powers like Storm
Personality: Stubborn, loyal, smart, gentle
Appearance: Asiza(Height): 4'3"
(Hair Color): Midnight-black cornrows with purple highlights that light up when she uses her electrical powers.
(Eye Color): Amber-blue, cat-like shaped.
History: Being born after her parents marriage was annuled, Asiza never met her father. Storm died when she was 5 years old, leaving her to wander the streets alone as a thief. Her powers developed when she was 9. She started doing good, becoming known as the Shadowstriker
Family: King T'Challa (father)
Orono Munroe a.k.a. Storm (mother, dead)
Equipment: Enhanced Vibranium claws that also enhances her electrical powers. Vibranium panther mask that allows her cornrows to show. Her equipment was stolen from a S.H.I.E.L.D shimpent where she made adjustments to accommodate her powers.

Other: Speaks the language of Wakanda along with English.

message 23: by Z ||Frypans, who knew!|| (last edited Jun 02, 2020 10:41AM) (new)

Z ||Frypans, who knew!|| (spn_fan) | 14 comments Name)) Cameron Logan
Code name)) Wolverine
Age)) 17

Gender)) male
Orientation)) Gay

Superhero Parent))Logan and the mom's unknown
Powers)) healing, superhuman strength, Agility, martial arts,
Weapons)) His three retractable claws
Skills)) Stealth, speed, strength, fighting
Height)) 6'1
Weight)) 100
Build)) doesn't really have one

Personality)) He is kind, loyal, thoughtful, caring, stubborn, arrogant, very sneaky

Zodiac Sign)) Cancer

Superhero/villain Suit))
Accessories(including the mask))) none

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Kanomi, you can only make one character. Z, same for you, but it looks like you copy and pasted Ava's character.

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Rey wrote: "Name: Violet Maximoff
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Superhero parent: Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch.


Z ||Frypans, who knew!|| (spn_fan) | 14 comments i used her templet, i asked her and se said i could use it

message 27: by Daisy (new)

Daisy   Louise Johnson (detectingeagle310) Universe wrote: "Rey wrote: "Name: Violet Maximoff
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Superhero parent: Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch.

Thnx !

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Name: Marie Danvers
Superhero parent: Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)
Looks:(view spoiler)
Power: same as her mother
Age: 17
Personality: Tom-boyish, kind, caring, protective, easy to talk to/with
Other: Likes Cats!

message 29: by Daisy (new)

Daisy   Louise Johnson (detectingeagle310) Shouldn't it be Danvers ?

message 30: by [deleted user] (new)

is it danvers??
whose Larson then??

message 31: by Daisy (new)

Daisy   Louise Johnson (detectingeagle310) Isn't Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers ?

message 32: by Daisy (new)

Daisy   Louise Johnson (detectingeagle310) bernadette;) wrote: "is it danvers??
whose Larson then??"

She is the actress

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

yea i just got that lol thx u can tell im tired...

message 34: by Daisy (new)

Daisy   Louise Johnson (detectingeagle310) I can tell

Z ||Frypans, who knew!|| (spn_fan) | 14 comments Universe wrote: "Kanomi, you can only make one character. Z, same for you, but it looks like you copy and pasted Ava's character."

is my character approved?

message 36: by zaide [...moss] (new)

zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Yep. All are approved

Z ||Frypans, who knew!|| (spn_fan) | 14 comments where can i rp?

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Name: Sophie Maximoff
Superhero parent: Wanda Maximoff
Power: same as Wanda's
Personality, Quiet, sweet,caring, sneaky
Other: She is kinda ruthless sometimes.

message 40: by Daisy (new)

Daisy   Louise Johnson (detectingeagle310) So Violet and Sophie are siblings ?

message 41: by [deleted user] (new)


message 42: by Daisy (new)

Daisy   Louise Johnson (detectingeagle310) Yay !!!!

message 43: by [deleted user] (new)


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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) Approved

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Kensi Blye Name: Jessica James Barnes 'Jess' (His mom was hoping for another girl so he got a girl name, his mother refused to change it after he was born)
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Superhero Parent: Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier
Personality: rebellious, smart, and alluring. has trouble trusting people. Won't talk nobody knows why.
Powers: Can freeze time when scared and make things explode when angry
Weapon(s): Mixed Martial Arts, Street Fighting,
Suit: Has a mask that matches his suit
Other: Never call him Jessica if you know what's good for you, Speaks through his body language, Has scary high IQ, Was born into his mother's custody and stayed with her till he was 4 then transferred to his father's custody.

message 47: by Kensi Blye (last edited Jun 17, 2020 10:33PM) (new)

Kensi Blye Name: Abigail Whistler

Nicknames: Abby

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Superhero Parent: Abraham Whistler

Personality: Abigail can be very cold-blooded in battle, and usually listens to her iPod while hunting for having the right atmosphere. Deep inside, she's still a very emotional person, as seen when she was crying the death of her friend Sommerfield, but always tries to separate emotions from hunt.

Powers: None

Expert Martial Artist: Abigail is a highly skilled fighter, being able to hold her own against Others despite their superhuman physical abilities, making her one of the best fighters in the Nightstalkers unit.

Master Archer: Abigail is a master-class archer and uses modified arrows against vampires. She also wields an hypertechnological UVA arrow, which she uses as a sword for slicing vampires in two. She was won three state championships in archery.

Equipment: Silver spike on the toe from the toe of her boot, silver throwing a knife from a spring-loaded dispenser strapped to her wrist, ultraviolet arc, compound bow with silver arrows with time-delay explosive tips.

Appearance: The man she's standing with is Hannibal King

Crush: Hannibal King


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Daisy   Louise Johnson (detectingeagle310) Wow........

message 49: by Kensi Blye (new)

Kensi Blye Yeah,

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BLOBBIE (blobbieakastuti) Name: Levi Greyson Strange
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Superhero Parent; Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange)
Powers: Magic like his dad
Weapon(s): Sticks

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