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May: Felix Ever After > Felix Ever After Week 3: Chapters 17 to the end

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Simone (books_first_) | 68 comments Mod
Hello Hello book club nerds!

Can you believe it's our last week of Felix Ever After??
I really hope you've enjoyed the journey so far and are as excited for the last chapters as I am.

Next Sunday, we'll be starting Noah Can't Even by the fantastic Simon James Green and I hope you're as stoked as I am!

That also means that next Sunday is the last Sunday to get your self-portraits in!
While this challenge is just for fun, I am so happy to announce that we will have a giveaway next month and you'll get the chance to win one of the super rare short stories "Noah goes Nuclear". Now, the story is on the internet for free to enjoy but there is only a very limited supply of physical copies and you could win one!


Anyway, onwards and upwards with your boy Felix!
What do we think? And: would you enjoy a larger (live) discussion about the whole of the book at the end of next week? Let us know!

Mimi & Simone

Nicole (foreverbookwandering) aaaaah this book is just lovely.

When he went to Declan's but kept constantly thinking of Ezra, I was screaming in my head. Like come ON Felix, this is clearly a sign you are in love with him.

"Screaming and cheering and a little bit of crying. I try to wipe my eyes as if it's just dust, but the person beside me catches me with a smile, also wiping their eyes. I don't know this person, I don't know their name, probably will never even see them again after this parade, but for that one second, I feel like they're a friend, or a part of my family, and that's pretty fucking amazing." I never really got it before, why Ezra is so obsessed with Pride, but I think I'm starting to get it now."
THIS QUOTE. like the whole Pride section but this quote made me cry my eyes out. THIS is exactly why I love going to Pride and it made me doubly cry because we aren't going to get that opportunity to go this year. The fact that they made up at Pride just felt absolutely perfect, the declaration of love, Ezra hopping the barrier, I am here for all of it.

And I actually really like how the love triangle was done.

Also, OMG AUSTIN YOU PRIVILEGED SH*T, I can't believe it was him! And I loved Leah as a character.

Mimi (wherebookscollide) | 39 comments Mod
The whole Pride scene HOLY FUCK. I mean, I have never been to Pride so when I read about this, I just felt like my heart was so full of love and acceptance and I had tears falling down my cheeks because it was just so wholesome and epic and exactly the ending that Felix and Ezra deserved!!

Also, YES, the love triangle was handled so well? I feel like it's so hard to give that trope a new and appropriate spin and Kacen made it work so well? I'm so excited for their polyamorous book after this, honestly.

Did anyone see Austin coming? Because I sure as hell did NOT.

Nicole (foreverbookwandering) Absolutely not! I was really shocked. I feel like it was more shock because Felix had given up working out who it was and was moving on and then BAM, you find out it was Austin.

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