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Mystics (Facets of the Soul, #1)
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Astralia Dik | 45 comments Hello
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Mystics is a psychological thriller and dystopian describing the end of the world

There is absolute darkness. The world will end soon. No one will survive. Everything will be absorbed by Abyss. Mary is the only one who can save the whole world but she doesn't know about her destiny. She tries to find her vocation among another's life and memory but she's destined to find herself only through the soul.

Abstraction is a psychological adventure describing a post-apocalyptic world

The Loisiloers created a new world for people. But it was destroyed and people should find new basis to build a new world. This book shows another side of Loisiloi and presents a new system teaching to separate illusion from reality. This book presents two systems of worlds which have different fate. This book also present hypostases of girl and guy from Loisiloi which they have in those systems.

message 2: by Gautam (new)

Gautam Ailawadi | 17 comments Hi,
I am Gautam Ailawadi, a successful Advertising Film Professional from Mumbai.
I spend most of his time, dreaming about life and life after death though i am often been accused of dreaming too much 😉.
I loves visualizing stories about parallel universe, superheroes & mythology and even enjoys studying Fantasy, War & larger than life movies. I am is fascinated by complexities of human behavior .
I also believe that human desires is a prime reason of conflict in this world and will continue to be so in future.

Trailer of

I am a first timer and
Two of my history war E- Book books
Hitler has risen from Ashes after 75 years to avenge Europe for his humiliating WWII defeat

E-Book Link & BLURB


these 2 novels are available on Kindle, KOBO, I books and Google play and paperback on

and I am sure i will continue writing fascinating stories in future as i firmly believes that "world is nothing but an amalgamation of human stories.”

If you like the theme pl let me know i can share the book to review

resurrection of holocaust- fall of europe

message 3: by Jim (new)

Jim Weafer | 23 comments If you would like a respite from all the trials of today, and drift into a refreshing journey, "A Kindness in Their Hearts" ebook will be free on Amazon Thursday, June 4 through Monday June 8. Lots of great 5 star reviews on Amazon.

A Kindness in Their Hearts is an uplifting, heartwarming story full of humor, suspense, and surprises, for readers of all ages. Following the hilarious adventures of four kids growing up in rural America, you will laugh and also shed a tear or two. The journey begins in the late 1950s and progresses through their teens, then to adulthood today. From the school of hard knocks, they acquire the virtues that they will need to confront an unexpected catastrophe that threatens to ruin them. The touching story entertains with a cast of intriguing characters, and their many exhilarating escapades will evoke a wide range of emotions while tugging gently at your heart.

The story follows Razz, Elbie, Colby, and Anna Lee as they experience growing up in a time where life may have been simpler but certainly no less exciting. As they mature, their relationships develop in different ways, but throughout it, their unique friendship strengthens. They will need that friendship to fight the nemesis who never seems to go away. Each chapter builds the story in different ways, but all are relevant to the biggest battle of all that they will face as adults.

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