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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Recent romance book with a couple that meets on a plane and then she becomes his assistant. [s]

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booksandbubbs | 2 comments Would love help finding an recent contemporary romance book. The plot of the book starts with a recently widowed heroine who was just catfished by a man she met (she flew to Thailand to meet him but then finds out he's involved in human trafficking). She is having a rough time and somehow meets a wealth business man on the plane (he may have owned the airline but I'm a little murky on that). They initially dislike each other but he feels obligated to help her. Eventually they land and he ends up offering her a position as his assistant (because her things were stolen abroad) and gives her a place to stay. They have a slow burn but eventually fall in love with a happily ever after. I just read this book earlier in the year so I think it's likely a 2019 or 2020 release.

Any help is appreciated!

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Kris | 36622 comments Mod
First Impressions: by Dee Palmer seems to match your description.

Search = site:www.goodreads.com "contemporary romance" catfished plane assistant

booksandbubbs | 2 comments Omg this is the book I’ve been searching for (for weeks now). I can’t thank you enough for helping me find it!!!

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Kris | 36622 comments Mod
You're welcome. Glad you found your book, ARbooklover.

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