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Shadow (Shadow & Dagger, #1)
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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Trilogy of Adult Fantasy books with a female elf as the main character. [s]

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Katie Costello | 9 comments She has 2 love interests, a club owner and a member of law enforcement. She's a thief. There's a scene where she's a party and goes out into the garden. There's a scene early in the first book where she is stealing from a mage and has to avoid his guards.
I read them around 2012-2016 and they seemed quite old so maybe 90's era.
They were for older adults.
Paperback books with drawings of the main character on the front. The author was female

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Kris | 36032 comments Mod
Added "adult" to the topic header.

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Summer | 255 comments This sounds like a D&D novel, maybe some of the Arilyn Moonblade series by Elaine Cunningham. Try Elfshadow or something like it. Do you remember what she looked like, or anything about elves or how they related to the other races?

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Katie Costello | 9 comments I checked but that's not it. I don't have any other information

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Katie Costello | 9 comments That's it!

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