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message 1: by Kristian (last edited May 23, 2020 12:13PM) (new)

Kristian Joseph | 4 comments Hello all you lovely people, I've just released my first book Sunlight. If you like the blurb below, you can download for free on Kindle for the next 48hrs, and if you like it, a review would be amazing.

The Kingdom will fall, Sovereign will burn and the Titan will reign the

The Kingdom Isle is on the brink of collapse as its capital city Sovereign, falls victim
to a sinister plot from across the channel. A right-wing dictatorship will stop at
nothing to take back their flying war machine known as the mighty Titan.

Sam Royle is without memories or strength. After being kidnapped he is thrust into a journey of rediscovery, friendship and mad science. He meets an imprisoned Doctor, a child-like artificial intelligence hologram and discovers a cube that holds the key to the entire of human history and its future.

Lydia Jacobs, a courageous exo-soldier receives a harrowing phone call which forces her on a merciless quest for revenge and into an underground world of smugglers.

The Kingdom’s newly appointed Chief of Defence Nathan Sahl faces a deal with the devil to protect his friends and family as his world comes crashing down around him.

Unlikely heroes such as smugglers, exo-suit wielding warriors, immortals and a dreamer will fight to save themselves as the world falls to chaos in this fast-paced action-packed political thriller.

message 2: by Mill (new)

Mill Woods | 19 comments Hi Kristian,

If you wish for some more reviews, feel free to take a look at our new Book Reviewing Program:

An intelligent system benefiting all authors equally. We just launched it and hope for a lot of reviews flowing soon.
(everything is free, of course - no pay to win)

Happy writing :-)

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