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message 1: by Rhys (new)

Rhys Owain Williams (rhysowain) | 54 comments Hi, could someone fix a few issues with the book Hymns Ancient Modern: New Selected Poems please?

The book's title should be 'Hymns Ancient & Modern: New & Selected Poems' (ampersands missing).

The author is the same as the one who wrote The Dresden Cantata but is listed as 'J Brookes' for this book not the correct 'J. Brookes' so they aren't linking up.

The page count should be 114 not 70.

And lastly the cover image is incorrect. I believe this was an earlier design for the book's cover that was never used. The correct image can be found here on the publisher's website:

Thanks for any help on updating this listing.

message 2: by Ekaterina (last edited May 22, 2020 04:31AM) (new)

Ekaterina Okuneva (okuneshku) | 3228 comments Hi!
We don't delete old covers, but create alternative cover edition, here it is:

Worldcat has 111 pages for ISBN 9781912681334. If you own a copy of this book, please tell what you have on pages 112-114, we can correct it, but for now I set it according to Worldcat.

It would be great if you know if all the books of J Brookes should be moved to J. Brookes, I will merge the profiles then.

message 3: by Rhys (new)

Rhys Owain Williams (rhysowain) | 54 comments Hi, thanks for your help with this book. Looking at my copy, page 112 is the second half of a poem called 'The Gypsies at Butlin's', 113 is a poem called 'To Robert Smoking Heroin' and 114 is the book's Acknowledgements page. But 111 is fine, the only problem with it being 70 pages for me personally was that it wasn't giving me a true percentage on my progress, so thanks for sorting.

Looking at the other books for J Brookes, I'm certain that Nobby: Prince of Wales is by the same author as it's published by his own press, but the other two seem unlikely.

message 4: by Ekaterina (new)

Ekaterina Okuneva (okuneshku) | 3228 comments Thank you for you answer! Worldcat is not always perfect, that's why we ask about contents. It's really helpful when somebody can check real page count, so 114 it is.

Nobby: Prince of Wales is moved to J. Brookes now.

Done! :)

message 5: by Rhys (new)

Rhys Owain Williams (rhysowain) | 54 comments That's brilliant, thanks a lot!

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