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Samantha | 112 comments Mod
The air pollution has decreased so that you can see the sky clearer in some countries, and apparently in Venice you can see fish in the water, when they're usually very dirty.

Amanda Artist Cat (amandawholovesbooks) Yes, the sky IS clearer nowadays in Taiwan (except for this week, but it's raining so it doesn't count)!!
I suppose this proves that pollution CAN be fixed if we all put our hearts to it, that there is still hope for our planet 🌏 ! But we must work very hard.

Amanda Artist Cat (amandawholovesbooks) Leah wrote: "I love monkeys!!"

Me too! India has a veeeery unique ecosystem - elephants, tigers, cobras, and more!!

message 4: by Lilli Gilliam (new)

Lilli Gilliam So, what's bad for us, is also good for us?

message 5: by Lilli Gilliam (new)

Lilli Gilliam Like Covid is bad, but it's also good?

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