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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Fantasy - Fairies are dying and need humans to continue. [s]

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cat reads (thecatwhoreads) | 4 comments The title probably Jeralyn or something like it.

Fairies are dying out. If they have children, the children are monsters. To have healthy children and be creative, they need humans. Fairies were living in junkyards. The title is of the titular character.

Read in high school but has an adult feel. Probably not young adult.

Possibly published 1990s - 2005?

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Cupcakedoll | 300 comments Jerlayne by Lynn Abbey You were just a few letters off!

message 3: by cat (new)

cat reads (thecatwhoreads) | 4 comments Cupcakedoll wrote: "Jerlayne by Lynn Abbey You were just a few letters off!"

Awesome! Thank you!

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