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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Romance book about second chance (kinda!) where heroine got pregnant with the BF of her sister. [s]

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Starrisa | 25 comments Hello! I've spent yesterday thinking about this one book I've forgotten but I just can't remember the name. I remember searching for it last year, and I searched again today with all the key words I can think of on google but I still couldn't find it. So here I am!


What I can remember:
It's not necessarily a second chance as in the hero and heroine break off and meet again. More like rekindling their love? I remember very clearly that around ten years or so ago, the heroine's sister was the gf/fiance of the hero. But then sth happened (I THINK he got drunk or had an argument with the heroine's sister) and he ended up sleeping with the heroine. The heroine got pregnant, and the heroine's sister and hero broke up. Ten years (or so) later, the start of the book took place when the heroine's grandmother was dying, so the heroine's sister came back to town. By then, she was working as a model and her photographer (I think his name was Jose or sth, can't really remember) came with her. The heroine and hero were also married (I think) and they had a daughter.

So then some love rectangle sprung up; the hero was jealous of the photographer and the heroine's friendship, the heroine was jealous of the hero meeting his first love (her sister) again blah blah, but the heroine still ended up with the hero, and the heroine's sister ended up with the photographer.

If anyone remembers the book (or have some idea) please help a fellow bookworm! Thanks so much in advance :)

Edit: Oh yeah, I'm kinda sure the book took place in near the coast/beach but I'm not very sure. Remember a scene with boats tho 🤔

Starrisa | 25 comments I checked again for what else to add, so here's some stuff from the guidelines that are helpful towards finding my book:

I think I read the book within the last five years. I'm fairly sure it's a contemporary story as well. Not sure if this helps, but the grandmother I mentioned above passed away in the end. I think the heroine and the hero owned a bookstore (or sth similar to that but I'm not very sure...)

Much thanks in advance <3

Tina | 128 comments Just the Way You Are by Barbara Freethy?

Starrisa | 25 comments Tina wrote: "Just the Way You Are by Barbara Freethy?"

I checked it out and it's what I'm looking for O.O I remember literally almost everything about it except its name lol

Thank you so much!

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