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message 1: by Lilli Gilliam (new)

Lilli Gilliam What are some of the differences between the characters in the books vs. movies?

message 2: by Sabrina (new)

Sabrina Sousa | 2 comments I noticed that in the movies, while some misfortune does happen to Ron, I find to be laughing AT Ron more compared to reading the books when i’m laughing WITH Ron. He is really a humorous character :)

message 3: by Julia (new)

Julia | 149 comments Very minor, but Snape's dialogue was presented differently in some instances. When later books came out, I found it hard to picture Alan Rickman saying some of the lines, especially the really long dialogues.

Tonks was more spunky in the books, in my opinion. She also was a lot younger.

I think Dumbledore was more vulnerable in the books. He seemed more sure of himself in the movies.

Harry's sass!! I mean, the entire sixth movie would have been better if any of Snape's DADA classes were shown, especially Harry's line: "You don't need to call me sir." 🤣

Movie Hermione seemed more confident. I preferred this portrayal of her.

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