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Tessa  Herondale~Carstairs (jessawessa) | 862 comments Mod
This is the Shadowhunter BOTM plan for the next 2 years:)

June 2020- City of Bones

July 2020- City of Ashes

August 2020- City of Glass

September 2020- City of Fallen Angels

October 2020- City of Lost Souls

November 2020- City of Heavenly Fire

December 2020- break month, we review what we have read

January 2021- Clockwork Angel

February 2021- Clockwork Prince

March 2021- Clockwork Princess

April 2021- The Bane Chronicles

May 2021- Tales From the Shadowhunter Academy

June 2021- Break month, we review what we have read

July 2021- Lady Midnight

August 2021- Lord of Shadows

September 2021- Queen of Air and Darkness

October 2021- Ghosts of the Shadow Market

November 2021- break month

December 2021- break month

January 2022- Chain of Gold

February 2022- Chain of Iron

March 2022- Chain of Thorns

April 2022- The Red Scrolls of Magic

May 2022- The Lost Book of the White

June 2022- The Black Volume of the Dead

July 2022- Hopefully the first, yet to be named Wicked Powers book is out and we can read it

A lot of Shadowhunter books are being released, and the only one we're reading at the same time as it comes out is Chain of Thorns. Y'all are as always, welcome to read the books whenever y'all would like. It is encouraged that you read it with us, if you'd like, or at least participate in the discussion of that month. Let me know any questions!

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Tessa  Herondale~Carstairs (jessawessa) | 862 comments Mod
I had to space them out I was feeling suffocated with them clumped together lol

message 3: by May (new)

May (theladymidnight) | 250 comments I think this is a good schedule!

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Tessa  Herondale~Carstairs (jessawessa) | 862 comments Mod

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