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May: Felix Ever After > Felix Ever After Week 1: Chapters 9 - 17

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Simone (books_first_) | 68 comments Mod
So, you guys! What do we think?

Nicole (foreverbookwandering) Ok so I am only a few pages into chapter 9 but ugh, Felix is such a dick to Ezra sometimes and he’s always so nice back. I hope at some point he thanks Ezra for always being there for him and not letting Felix push him away out of jealousy.

Also, and I realise this would defeat the premise of the book, but why hasn’t Felix blocked grandequeen69 already 🙈 ok, back to reading...

Nicole (foreverbookwandering) “Something tells me I should just delete the messages and block grandequeen69, but the urge to argue, to make them understand, to make them see grows.”

Question answered lol.

Also, I’m starting to like Declan more and more.

Nicole (foreverbookwandering) argggh this book is so good and I am here for all mentions of MCU, Chris Evans and Steve & Bucky. I feel like every time I'm starting to get annoyed with Felix, he does something to redeem himself.

Mimi (wherebookscollide) | 39 comments Mod
ughhh, right?! Every single time I was annoyed with Felix, he would do or say something to redeem himself and my heart would just clench with love for him.
Also, the MCU mentions felt so natural! I've read a lot of books that try to incorporate pop culture references and it's so jarring?? But here it felt so natural to who they all are as characters.

And I just want to get grandequeen69 blocked, deleted and off the planet.

clau | 9 comments Ok you guys I COULDNT STOP READING
This book is so good. I used 25 post-its and I don't usually use a lot, but it has so many meaningful conversations.
I made a lot of notes as well to distinguish the chapters:

It was heart braking to see how Felix was struggling to love himself because since the beginning we see how much of a wonderful person he is but he can't see that in himself and that makes him treat people (mostly Ezra) badly. But man Ezra is such a good and patient friend and always manages to calm Felix down.

I love that we are starting to see so much more of Declan and honestly I really like him.

I thought maybe grandequeen was someone he doesn't really know. Just to make a point of how people attack others just for no reason at all.


I hated Marisol giving life lessons about the LGBT community and feminism when she's a transphobic ass!! GET OUT
And of course I have to state that Ezra defending Felix that night is just so good!

And finally the fact that I was right about Declan's family made me very happy cause I'm not usually right hahaha

Nicole (foreverbookwandering) Omg I totally thought of you when I read about Declan and his family!! Haha well done for being right!

Simone (books_first_) | 68 comments Mod
Ahhh i agree with all that’s been said so far!!

Yay Clau for being right about Declan! Again, k love how there isn’t one downright evil character in this book because everyone has these facets and it’s just... *chefs kiss*

Nicole (foreverbookwandering) Yes! I am here for flawed characters.

Simone (books_first_) | 68 comments Mod
Also, who got really strong skam vibes when Ezra was looking at Felix while snogging someone else? Because daaaaaamn son 😂

message 11: by clau (new) - rated it 4 stars

clau | 9 comments LMAO TOTALLY

message 12: by Mimi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Mimi (wherebookscollide) | 39 comments Mod
such a classy move staring at someone else while making out we love to see it haha

Simone (books_first_) | 68 comments Mod
I don’t know how far everyone is yet but speaking of Ezra... what so we say about the cliffhanger in the last chapter? 😏

message 14: by clau (new) - rated it 4 stars

clau | 9 comments My Gosh totally knew it!! As soon as Declan told Felix he broke up with Ezra so he wouldn't break up with him I knew it hahaha

Honestly it was my first thought on chapter 1 when they were on the train and Ezra kissed Felix's neck.
But then I felt bad for thinking that because I thought I was being one of those people who think they can't be friends cause they're too close, so I kinda forgot about it.

But THEN I got to the last page of this chapter and was like YASSSS! Not mad about it at all

Simone (books_first_) | 68 comments Mod
I feel that!!! I love me a fake/pretend relationship Moment even if it’s just for the blink of an eye and I literally screamed when I got to that last page!

Obviously this puts Felix in a very tough spot now though 🙈

Nicole (foreverbookwandering) clau wrote: "Honestly it was my first thought on chapter 1 when they were on the train and Ezra kissed Felix's neck.
But then I felt bad for thinking that because I thought I was being one of those people who think they can't be friends cause they're too close..."


I should have put two and two together though when the author was asking on Twitter why everyone hates love triangles 🙈🙈 I mean Felix keeps saying no one loves him and now he potentially has two people IN LOVE with him.

Simone (books_first_) | 68 comments Mod
well... I for one hate them because I always feel sorry for either one or two of the ones pining after same person... :D

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