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Great timing, as I finished the Spring Challenge today! Now for the most fun part, choosing the books!

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1. Pride Month

X b. Read a book featuring an LGBTQIA+ protagonist (not side character). The Priory of the Orange Tree - Jun 18

2. June Birthdays: Anne Frank

Xa. Read a book set during WWII. Fata Morgana - Jun 28

3. Father's Day

Xa. Read a book that starts with a letter in FATHERS DAY. - Age of Empyre - Jun 24

4. Hit the Beach

Xa. Read a book with a yellow or blue cover. - Harry Potter and the Cursed Child: Parts One and Two Harry Potter and the Cursed Child Parts One and Two (Harry Potter, #8) by John Tiffany - Jun 30


1. Halfway There!

X b. Read a book that is divided into multiple parts (rather than, or in addition to, chapters). The Dutch House- Jun 18

2. July Birthdays: Pablo Neruda
Xb. Read a book published between 1904 and 1973. - Sula pub 1973 - just made it! = Jul 6

3. It's Winter Down South
Xb. Read a book where the first letter of each title word can be found in the phrase LET IT SNOW. (Title must be at least two words long.) The Island of Sea Women - Jul 19

Xb. Read a book published in June, July, or August. - Of Mutts and Men - published Jul 2020, read Jul 16


1. Read Good Books
b. Read the next book in a series you've already started. - Who Speaks for the Damned - Jul 23

2. Back to School
Xa. Read a book by an author that is new-to-you. Evelina - Jul 10

X3. August Birthdays: Ray Bradbury
a. Read a book in which the initials author's name can be found in RAY BRADBURY. Away in a Manger by Rhys Bowen - Jul 21

4. Go for a Drive
Xb. Read a book that starts with a letter in the phrase WINDOWS DOWN, BREEZE BLOWING. - It Started With a Scandal - Jul 9

**Good thing we can change these as we go along. Availability from my library system is extremely reduced, basically no interlibrary loan and things take a long time to be processed. So I had to keep switching out for things I owned or could easily get electronically without spending too much money!

**In fact, I ended up changing several times, trying to work this out with Readathon

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