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I really don't want to keep reading

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Johan Menheere (Elvendork) What do you guys do when you are really struggling through a book and have no desire to end it. Keep reading so it can be marked as read or quit and lose it?

RoseAnn It’s possible to put it on a shelf rather than lose it. You could even create a shelf for ‘abandoned’ books. I am often surprised when I go back and try a book another time that I find it easier to get through.

Lindsey While I did enjoy Annihilation, I wasn't able to get through Authority, the second novel (and some of the reviews indicate a similar sentiment). So I'd say if you're not enjoying it, go ahead and stop because I'm not sure the rest of the series is worth the read.
Although that is also a good idea @RoseAnn, I may try that in the future with books I'm struggling to get into!

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Samie Foster What I do typically do, is when it's a struggle to finish I kinda cheat. I look up the wikipedia page and skim the plot to learn what is going to happen in the book. That way I know if the book is going somewhere and if its worth finishing. Sometimes I learn when I'm about to put the book down, things are about to pick up in the next chapter. Other times I learn that the book isn't worth my time. I know this method is not for everyone. If your bothered by spoilers, you shouldn't do this. But I think the execution of the story telling and journey to the destination is fun even if I know the ending. So spoilers never really bothered me.

Also Lindsay is right. The second book in this series is a terrible snooze fest. I feel if your not enjoying this book so far, you'll hate the sequel.

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Tim Marczenko It was a terrible book. I finished it, but I don't think you will miss anything if you don't.
I'm glad I wasn't the only one struggling.

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Hailey Heminuk QUIT!
I am so glad I've finally started ditching books that I am seriously not vibing. There are so many fantastic other novels out there, don't waste your precious time in this life!!

The last third of this book was WHACK, the second one had a thin plot AT BEST and I couldn't even get through the last book in the series ... do yourself a favor and abort ship immediately.

Agree on having a 'not now, but maybe later shelf' (I find myself putting a lot of collapse of humanity/pandemic-esque books right now) but tbh this one ... should not be on it.

Tomau I usually try to finish the book that I'm struggling with but if the book is also annoying me I just leaf through it to see how it ends and mark it as not finished and rate it 1 star.
But I must say that Annhiliation for me was a wonderfull book, very thought provoking. Second book Authority was not on par, mostly because POV character was not that intriguing, but the third book, Acceptance, was in my opinion the best of the trilogy and sticked with me and made me think for a long time afterward.

Kyle VanDongen I always push through. Sometimes I'll dislike a book at first, but warm up to it upon later reflection.

Shame you're not enjoying Annihilation though. I thought it was excellent.

Linda If I'm really struggling to finish a book, I'll take a break and read another then come back to it. I had to do this several times through Cryptonomicon, but I'm glad I made it through to the end.
I also found Authority to be a bit of a slog, or just drastically differently paced, but Acceptance was great IMO.

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Johan Menheere (Elvendork) Thanks guys

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