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In this thread, you can work on your unfinished characters, Gods, Goddesses and Teachers alike,

or, at this particular point in time, you can place your finished characters who are Goddesses here first, until I reopen the submissions for Goddesses, then copy and paste them over to the main create a student page.

For teacher creation, you can still submit teachers who are Goddesses! As usual, if you'd like to ask any questions, please head over to the QUESTIONS page to ask!

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Soft Key bless

I need a smoke..

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Name: Anaria (Pronounced a-no-reeeee-uh)
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Appearance: (view spoiler)
Personality: She is emo and keeps to herself. When she meets someone, her first answer is probably go away. She likes anything involved with weapons, and is good with them. Her favorite outfits is a hoodie with black jeans.
Goddess of: Werewolves
Power: Can turn into a werewolf
Pets: a wolf
Sexuality: obviously gay

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I didn’t know if I would finish this. Does it require any needs?

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For Olivia, it would probably be how her power would impact her/the surroundings!

Other than that, I love that they're pretty detailed :D it's like.... my things to see long paragraphs hahaha

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Oh, so Olivia needs update on powers? Thank you!! I made the template myself

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clairene ⍥ | 964 comments Mod
i- i'm just happy that for once i don't have to nag about two liner personalities!

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clairene ⍥ wrote: "i- i'm just happy that for once i don't have to nag about two liner personalities!"

omg, thank u so much! I thought about it. I like more than, what, 3-6 sentences?

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yeah! that's good :D i'm going to delete our comments now, to prevent clutter. but when you're ready, just place them in create a student thread and i'll take a final look at them later on!

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thank u <3

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