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Ireene | 36 comments Us by David Nicholls
I quite liked his other books. Starter For Ten was funny and One Day was sweet. So I am hoping that Us is also an enjoyable reading.

Lacy (kempfme) I just got this book. I'll join you.

Trudy (goodreadscomtrudyspages) I am currently reading this. At about 45%. Enjoying it SO much.

Lacy (kempfme) This was a great read. I love the characters, but was angry at Connie for the way she was treating Doug. David Nicholls really made these character's human. They had all their awesome points, but still had their vices. It was really entertaining. I could not tell if Doug was serious or satirical at times. I would definitely recommend it.

Susan Harding | 35 comments This is my 'one word title' choice. Loved One Day, not read any others of his, it's also a book club I belong to choice this months so seemed like a good idea :)

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