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Searching for Sylvie Lee
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Part 3

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Laura | 80 comments Once again there seems like unnecessary drama being created because Grandma refuses to tell Helena outright that she is giving her jewelry to Ma, Sylvie & Amy. I'm not sure that I buy that this is just a cultural difference, but maybe it is.

Also, do we trust this Filip character? Seems like an awfully big coincidence that he jumps onto Amy's bike. Is he really a just a giant flirt or is there something else going on?

Wynne | 12 comments I agree about Filip, it seems like too much of a coincidence that he shows up, and he obviously knows who Amy is. So, why the secrecy?

Margaret | 13 comments I just finished the book. This book was a challenge for me. At least I can say I got in 3+ miles of walking while listening to book on tape. I tried audio book after 3 pages of Ma’s Chinese metaphors and sayings! I’m not Asian so maybe these were not as cliche as I found them.

I don’t believe the actions of the characters. No one talks or shares at all - Especially between Beloved sisters Sylvie and Amy!! SPOILER : Sylvie loses her job ( still a little vague as exactly for what cause) . She was so successful at that job, but can’t figure out how to get a new job???? And the four friends in Holland sound like soap opera characters - all stunningly sexy and beautiful (including Sylvie). And COME ON Lukas, Sylvie is missing , you don’t share any details with Amy ! Not to mention the police. Dutch people may be quiet and stoic but not stupid.

I felt like this was a copycat “ everything I never told you” that failed.

Wynne | 12 comments My first thought on finishing this book. This is a plot for a soap opera

Melliott (goodreadscommelliott) | 12 comments So...are we discussing as we go? Because I finished days ago, but I wrote down all my comments to save up for the "meeting." For those who haven't finished, this is a lot of spoilers. But I haven't participated in this club before, so I don't know how you do this...?

Laura | 80 comments I was originally planning to discuss as we go, but this got increasingly harder to do without spoilers! We can wait until the meeting. It's going to be Saturday June 6, 2-3:30. I'll send out invites now.

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