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Only Phoenix, Potatos, & Geoflame may post here. Have fun!

dagger [ain't that a kick in the head] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) Good to know that I've inspired you

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 82 comments aight so th main two ar th princss and th nobl, but i fl lik w should populat th story with som othrs as wll

Phoenix (Books with Wings) yes agreed

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Well...possibly the noble could have a friend among the palace guards (since she's a palace guard as well)

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 82 comments i like that a lot. since the last two have been female, should this one maybe be male or nonbinary?

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Yes, I was thinking nonbinary

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 82 comments i like that-
what do you think about Morgan as a name? (ik it has female connotations but it's gender neutral enough to use imo)

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Hmm...well, normally I would say yes—I agree that Morgan is a good gender-neutral name—but I actually have a friend who has a non-binary character named Morgan in her book so I feel like it would be a little weird to use it in this case. I can ask her though.

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geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 82 comments no no no, i totally get it. i have a ton of names i can't use bc friends already have characters named that {{off the top of my head: simon, olivia, conner, jamie}}

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Okay...what about River? I really like that name

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 82 comments i do too! river it is (so long as potatos is chill, but i have a feeling she would be)

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Guuuuys, we still need a name for the princess in the story (unless the princess's name is Alix and in that case we need a name for the noble). Potatos said that she wanted a double name and I posted a list of those on our ideas discussion (most of the names included the name May spelled in various ways (May, Mae, Mai, Mei, Maye))

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 82 comments I dunno, i really like Mae for some reason

dagger [ain't that a kick in the head] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) What about


geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 82 comments ohh, that's a nice one~

dagger [ain't that a kick in the head] (aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh) I draw inspiration from people around me~

Because there's an Olivia-Ryan in my music class

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Yeah, Olivia-Mae is nice!

I agree that Mae is the best spelling of all of those spellings.

No offense to people named Mae spelled other ways.

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Excellent, we have our three main characters! Now we just need to...umm....what do we need to do? Start writing? Plan more?

geoflame || inactive :( (ummmmmmmmmmm) | 82 comments i think we should plan some more of the exact order things happen, then start writing

Phoenix (Books with Wings) Agreed.
We should prob talk abt this in the ideas section not the characters section.
so yeah.

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