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Where the Crawdads Sing
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Adventure - May 2020 > (Pages 1-141): Ma -> Something Going On

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Hanna North | 14 comments Mod
Hello, Bookadillos!

How are you enjoying Where the Crawdads Sing? It's been such a different experience for me, reading some good fiction after the hilarity of last month's read and I feel thoroughly disquieted reading Kya's story so far.

I have so much respect for Kya's problem solving skills and independance. It is obviously awful how she came to this from a place of neglect, but I really admire her ability to use the land to play and to comfort her. Having spent a lot of my childhood in the bush in Canada (a different physical environment but wild nonetheless), I identify a lot with the way she takes in all the details of her environment and interacts with the land.

As our theme this month is adventure, what most brought my attention there was when she got back home after taking out her father's boat. The quote is simple, but really resonated with me:
".. all she could think of now was getting back into that space of grass and sky and water. Alone, she'd been scared, but that was already humming as excitement." - page 46
How important and powerful is that feeling when you're doing something new and scary but that you can tell will be an adventure and have an exciting impact on you? I can't wait to keep unravelling the story of where the water will take her.

So let us know what you thought! Do you have any favourite quotes? Any parts that stuck out to you? How do you feel this story lends itself to the theme of adventure? What are your thoughts on the characters we've met so far?

Thanks for reading and looking forward to hearing from you as always!

Tearsa (turrsaturrsa) | 19 comments Mod
My journey with Kya on the marsh had a slow start.

My heart was heavy for her through everything her parents put her through, then with her siblings leaving. The author did such a good job at showing us Kya’s ability to withstand it. It was completely unexpected for me when Tate came along.

It took me a minute to know Tate’s true intentions with Kya, and by then the pages turned more rapidly for me. He says that his feelings for Kya ran between a sister and a girl he had feelings for, when we confront what his purposes are in the marsh. I love that he put all the stereotypes and ridicule aside about the marsh girl, and befriended her with something as simple yet beautiful as feathers. I also love their mutual fondness of nature and biology, and I can sense how easy it is for them to spend hours together.

One of my favorite quotes from this section is on page 103, when Kya is learning to read with Tate. She says, “I wadn’t aware that words could hold so much. I didn’t know a sentence could be so full.”

I really felt like the world started opening up for her in that moment. Poor Kya had dealt with so much abandonment and disappointment, and this time seemed to be so well deserved. I can’t wait to keep reading to see where their relationship goes!

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