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Love at First Fight (Geeks Gone Wild, #1)
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May Books! > 5th BOTW: Love at First Fight (FAST-PACE and SLOW-PACE)

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message 1: by Becca da (new)

Becca da Romance Queen (becca_da_romance_queen) | 86 comments Mod
Hello all! This week's BOTW is Love at First Fight by Maggie Dallen.
ABOUT: https://www.goodreads.com/en/book/sho...
PAGES: 226
LINK TO ONLINE BOOK:https://continuous.epub.pub/epub/5c42...
We will start this book today and be finishing it on Thursday 5/14/20 and/or Monday 5/18/20
Preferred Schedule: FAST-PACE
Monday 5/11/20-1-5 chapters
Tuesday 5/12/20-6-10 chapters
Wednesday 5/13/20-11-15 chapters
Thursday 5/14/20-16-21 chapters FINISHED!

Preferred Schedule: SLOW-PACE
Monday 5/11/20 + Tuesday 5/12/20-1-5 chapters
Wednesday 5/13/20 + Thursday 5/14/20-6-10 chapters
Friday 5/15/20 + Saturday 5/16/20-11-15 chapters
Sunday 5/17/20 + Monday 5/18/20- 16-21 chapters FINISHED!

Happy reading!
-Becca da Romance Queen<3

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

any way we can download this?

message 3: by Becca da (last edited May 14, 2020 02:19PM) (new)

Becca da Romance Queen (becca_da_romance_queen) | 86 comments Mod
Let me check! Unfortunately, I cannot find any websites for this book. Can someone please recommend a good download website?

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