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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Shifter/genetically alter: boy created to shifter is being held underground facility has a connect with girl in his mind

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Melanie | 497 comments 18+. Scientist create boy and others and hold them in cells in a facility. They are given numbers as names. They are experimented on for years. At one point the boy starts to hear a girls voice in his mind. He thinks he’s going crazy. I think his number is Six but not sure and I think he has wolf genes (not to sure of that). Anyways, at one point the girl’s mom who is a scientist brings her to the facility because the nanny can watch. She leaves her in a room with a coloring book. The girl can hear the boy in her head and walks to his cell because he’s in pain. She tells him that she’s his friend and that she’s real. Years later let’s say she’s 18 now and something happens and she’s decided to help him escape (and others there). She’s able to control thing with her mind. She’s able to control a monkey and a guard and somehow causes the now young man (he’s like 21-ish now) to escape with a few others. She was placing on running away herself (her nanny) gives her some extra money. Her mother and hired muscle grab her and bring her to the facility. She’s tested and experimented on now. It’s been a little bit now (like 3 years) the man and the other men that escape live in a mountain. I think either he hears her finally again or just finds her back in the facility when they go back to raid it??? Not sure if I bought it or read free via kindle unlimited in the past 3-4 years.

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Melanie | 497 comments Man, I searched my whole kindle and found it in my DNF (did not finish) folder. I only made it to 50% and then gave up bc the woman got annoying as she got very whiny. Anyways, here's the book.
Eleven The Eternals Book 1 by J. Marie

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