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The Widow's Cruise (Nigel Strangeways, #13)
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Nicholas Blake buddy reads > The Widow's Cruise - Nicholas Blake (May/June 2020)

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Susan | 9626 comments Mod
Welcome to the 13th Nigel Strangeways mystery, published in 1959.

Renowned sculptor, Clare Massinger, is in a bit of a creative slump. To provide a little inspiration, Nigel Strangeways books them a relaxing cruise on the Aegean Sea. Filled with Greek temples, swimming pools, and sandy beaches, this scenic vacation should be the perfect getaway. But when they meet the other passengers, Nigel and Clare realize the cruise may not be as peaceful as planned.

It seems everyone knows everyone else’s business: a schoolteacher recovering from a nervous breakdown is confronted by a former student; a scholar is embarrassed by a scornful reviewer; a seductive temptress is known to a Bishop, and, to top it off, two busybodies are keeping tabs on everyone.

As the passengers' lives become increasingly intertwined, it seems a plot for revenge may be afloat. Amidst steamy assignations, false accusations, and suicide threats, Nigel’s holiday doesn’t last long, and he must take charge to uncover the truth before the passengers have something more bloody to gossip about…

Please do not post spoilers in this thread. Thank you.

Judy (wwwgoodreadscomprofilejudyg) | 8599 comments Mod
Who is reading this one? I'm looking forward to it - haven't started yet, but I have downloaded it on Kindle and will get started soon! Great to get back to Nigel. I also like Claire and the cruise setting should be fun.

Susan | 9626 comments Mod
I haven't finished this yet - I am about a third of the way through and really enjoying it. I think Cecil Day-Lewis/Nicholas Blake had a second wind with the last couple of books. I enjoyed the previous title, set in a publisher's office, and cruise's always work well in crime novels, don't they?

Sandy | 2629 comments Mod
I've read this one and agree that this and the prior book have been very good.

Susan | 9626 comments Mod
I spent some time reading this yesterday and hope to finish it today. Very enjoyable.

Judy (wwwgoodreadscomprofilejudyg) | 8599 comments Mod
I've started this, but have only read a few pages so far. I'm enjoying the cruise setting and am pleased that Clare is in this book. I'm rather surprised, though, that Nigel and Clare have separate cabins (each sharing with a stranger!) and claim to be "just good friends" - I thought they were a couple by now.

Rosina (rosinarowantree) | 696 comments I noticed that! It is possible that in 1959 if you didn't have the same name on your passport, you couldn't book to share a cabin (or hotel room) with a person of the opposite sex. In hotels in the UK, where you didn't need a passport, you just registered as Mr and Mrs Cholmondeley Smith.

I never asked my parents if they shared a room when they went on holiday together in late August 1939. I know they got engaged on 3rd September - "Well, we're at war, I'll be out of a job, we might as well get married" - and were married on 24th December that year. I suspect that they did.

Susan | 9626 comments Mod
Nigel has mentioned, in a previous book, that he couldn't live with Clare as she is too messy! Perhaps they felt they were too well known to get away with posing as a couple, in case someone knew one of them? I thought it was strange as well.

Also, we always see the 'past' as some glorious place, where people had a lot of luxury, but, as we've seen from so many GA books, people regularly shared with strangers on ships and trains.

Judy (wwwgoodreadscomprofilejudyg) | 8599 comments Mod
I'm about a third of the way through now and enjoying it - very readable, and I do like Claire. Also, nice to read about tourism at the moment. I wish I knew what all the places they visit look like, though!

message 10: by Susan (last edited May 19, 2020 11:30PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Susan | 9626 comments Mod
I am pleased you are enjoying it, Judy. I think virtual travelling is all we will be doing for a while. As someone who, personally, prefers to stay at home, I am fine with that :)

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