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Amanda Artist Cat (amandawholovesbooks) | 226 comments Mod
Post anything you like, Maddie ❤️ !

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Will do

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If anyone wants to read my work in progress story collection on Wattpad, here's the link:


Amanda Artist Cat (amandawholovesbooks) | 226 comments Mod
Maddie, they are FANTASTIC!! Every story is unique, every story is so moving. I love your witches! They are all beautifully written 💖!

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Thank you!

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If anyone wants to beta read this for me and tell me what you think of it in the comments, please do! Tell me if a sentence doesn't feel right, if I should add more description, etc.

Read the summary first as it may contain some triggering material.

NOTE: This is a DRAFT, not the final novella. Things may change.

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Here's some poetry that I wrote yesterday at the beach:

frothing waves
bubble up
at my feet.

There’s something eerily similar
to their pound–
in and out
cresting and breaking–
and the ebb
and flow
of my emotions.

Sometimes they
crash upon my mind
or drift away
taking sanity with them.

I cannot control the tides
–that is the moon’s duty–
the things within me
that I should be able to control
I somehow

There are seagulls
on an ocean breeze

How I wish to be like them—
outside the control
of anyone but themselves.

They are free
while I stalk the streets of a place
I should be free in
am not.

Amanda Artist Cat (amandawholovesbooks) | 226 comments Mod
Beautiful! 😻

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