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*SPOILER* What if Harry turned out to be evil because of Voldemort's soul in him?

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message 1: by Marese (new)

Marese You know how Dumbledore said he wanted Harry to grow up to "let him try his strength"? How could Dumbledore have been sure that Harry was going to be a good person? Dumbledore knew that Harry had part of Voldemort's soul in him, right? So therefore how could Dumbledore be 100% guaranteed that letting Harry grow up would help defeat Voldemort? Could Harry not just as easily turned out to be evil because of Voldemort's soul being part of him? Dumbledore was taking his chances! There was a risk that Harry could have been evil! I know Voldemort killed his parents, but what if Voldemort had figured out, while Harry was still a young child, about their "connection"? He could have taken over Harry even before Harry was told about the wizarding world! Yes, Dumbledore had people like Mrs. Figg stationed near the Dursleys, but still, he was taking a huge risk, wasn't he? What do you think?

message 2: by Emily (new)

Emily Harry Potter can't be evil and that is that. Shame on you for thinking otherwise. Harry will always have a heart of gold. His mother passed on the characteristic of love and even Harry didn't want it he will have it. Harry Potter, hence, be evil.

Siena Yeah, he was now that I take the time to think about it. Especially since Mrs.Figg couldn't even do magic! You really do have a point there...

Drnick The only way Harry could have turned out evil is if......J.K. Rowling had written him that way. But she didn't. So what's the point?

April Harry was surrounded by good influences (once he was introduced to the wizarding world). There was always a chance he would turn out evil, but isn't that the same for all of us? We all have our own choices to make and could turn out either way.

True, Dumbledore was taking a risk, but really, what other option did he have?

Shannon Based on everyone's comments and thoughts, this is what makes JK an excellent writer. Once you enter the world of HP it seems real and you feel passionate about the characters. I agree with April, there really was no choice. Dumbledore could have left HP with anyone yet chose to leave him with relatives that were unkind making him appreciate his other life (wizarding life) more.

Ashley Ok, Harry has a good heart! He wouldn't turn evil! Would you EVER side with a wizard who killed SOOO many people, your parents, your friends, tried killing you, AND has been after you ever since then! NO! Besides, Harry has been on this long mission to defeat the horcruxes and he would NEVER have stopped and became evil! He would KILL himself before he became evil! Dumbledore is almost almost always right! Besides, when Draco asked Harry to become his friend he said "NO!" He chose poor Ron out of everybody! If Harry did turn evil (He NEVER would have though) his friends would have brang him back to the good side. They would NEVER just leave him. He's their FRIEND! BFFS! You know! So yea!

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Meh Dude, I may be an awful sinner for thinking this, but I think I'd like it better if Harry did turn evil. Or at least had more of a struggle with it. It'd just be SO much more interesting. Harry Potter is so overrated. It's good, fine, but not THAT good. (Takes cover in underground bunker, bars the twenty-feet-thick door, booby-traps it, opens the door to another underground bunker, bars that door, etc. etc. Just trying to be prepared for the nuclear strike of all those preteen girl Potter-lovers.)

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) You guys are weird. I like Harry being goodhearted. And plus like everyone else said he is really good, but he still has the choice, and being in a book, the author (JK) had a choice. But she didn't! So who cares?

Everley Sharp, the Clankinist But you know what? He didn't turn evil.

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) True enough. So why is everyone saying that it would be better for Harry to be evil?

☆♪Taylor♪☆ if he grew up to be a dark wizard, i would MURDER JKR!!!!!!!!!!!!

Juliet lol

Caroline C. i dont think there is enough of his soul in him to become evil and anyways harry would never be evil.

☆♪Taylor♪☆ but let's say, that harry was voldemort's only horcrux. that would mean that the fragment of soul would be bigger, and he would therefore be more likely to turn out evil.

Caroline C. well then i dont know i think dumbldore wouldve known and before he died he wouldve trained harry to become stronger to prevent it from happening.

☆♪Taylor♪☆ but the most dumbledore could do would be to teach harry occlumency, and we know he sucked at that.

Caroline C. true ....... then i guess the world would end
what do u think wouldve happened?

☆♪Taylor♪☆ i think that dumbledore would have flat out told harry he was horcrux, then done some research. eventually he would find out that he could eliminate the fragment of voldemort's soul without harming harry and would have done so.

Caroline C. or maybe have tricked harry into killing himself like he did in the book

☆♪Taylor♪☆ that would be cruel. i don't think dumbledore would go that far. he always hid things from harry if that meant protecting him, but if he left the fragment unattended, it would put harry in more danger, so i think he would take the direct approach.

Caroline C. probably but how would harry react to know that he is a horcrux knowing how he is very noble and doesnt trust himself that much already...

Hannah Well, that's the whole point. That even though he did have a bit of Voldemort in him, and he had such a terrible childhood with the durselys, and all the awful things that happened to him throughout his life, he didn't go evil because he had such loving people in his life that cared about him even when he told them not to help. He overcame the bad and defied the evil within himself to defeat Voldemort and save the world.

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☆♪Taylor♪☆ harry would go run himself through with gryffindor's sword.

Caroline C. exactly so harry would never be able to become evil because if he ever did he would go mad and end up suicide and he would never be able to because of the people he knew.

☆♪Taylor♪☆ or, hermione- being the genius she is- would tell harry that someone could simply do "avada kedavra" and he would live. harry would have the common sense to chose that option.

Caroline C. how would he live he would become voldemort wouldnt he?

☆♪Taylor♪☆ no, in the 7th book, voldemort does "avada kedavra" and harry lived because it killed the fragment of voldemort's soul instead of harry's

Caroline C. oh yea well true but i dont think hermoine would figure that out when dumbldore didnt he was just as suprised as harry he just linked all the loose ends together.

☆♪Taylor♪☆ well, if dumbledore told harry, harry would then tell hermione and ron. hermione would then say something along the lines of: "oh, harry promise you wont do anything stupid! just give me a quick second in the library!"

☆♪Taylor♪☆ i know harry potter so well, i can state what everyone would say in this scenario:

Ron: "Harry, for once, don't be a prat and try to be heroic."

Malfoy: "personally, i think everyone'll be better off once saint potter's gone. one less muggle lover in the world and a clear path for the dark lord."


☆♪Taylor♪☆ i live and breathe harry potter.

Caroline C. harry potter or twilight?

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) Harry Potter absolutely!! Twilight is just mushy and gushy.

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) Hey Taylor, The Supreme Over-Lordess of All Things Awe (nice name by the way) your pretty good at predicting those kind of sayings

☆♪Taylor♪☆ thanks.
btw: harry potter over twilight ANY day!

☆♪Taylor♪☆ i don't see the big deal about twilight, anyway.

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) Me neither. It is just a vampire in love with a human, but, they can't be together. That's it!

☆♪Taylor♪☆ i know! completely retarded, if you ask me.

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) Right on. Harry is good, nothing else happens. Although I guess it is good to talk about "what ifs".

☆♪Taylor♪☆ MiaNicole (Niki) wrote: "Voldemort cannot love, and since Lily protected Harry with her love, Harry will be a good wizard because of that."

i didn't think of that. if you think about it, in a way, harry is like lily's good horcrux.

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Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) Hm... What now? And Taylor... your right!

☆♪Taylor♪☆ about the horcrux?

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) Which Horcrux? Voldemorts, or the Lily's...

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