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Sourcery (Discworld, #5; Rincewind #3)
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Marc *Dark Reader of the Woods* (marcthedarc) | 615 comments Based on my recent re-read experience, I think I enjoy Rincewind more now as a more adult adult. Is it possible that the humor particular to Rincewind was too subtle for my younger self?

I vaguely recall this book being one of the "not as good" ones but I thought that of Colour of Magic and adored it on this go-around. I continue to harbor a thought, that the best Discworld books were the on-the-ground, person-level ones (like the Watch series) and less so the magic/Dungeon Dimensions/high(er) fantasy stuff. Since we haven't got to the true ground level stuff quite yet, I will wait to see how this theory pans out.

In short, looking forward to more of Rincewind and The Luggage!

RJ - Slayer of Trolls (hawk5391yahoocom) | 970 comments I'm out for this one, sorry. I have some other stuff I'm reading. I'll get back to Discworld in a few months.

Sonsoles (sonsoles190) | 112 comments Ohh, I feel so lazy to read this one... As Marc said above, this wasn't so good when I read it in the past, although I liked the previous two novels of Rincewind and it is a character that I feel sympathy for, this didn't meet my expectations. I can't say exactly why.

So I will try to give another chance to this one. I case that the month goes by and I didn't get to read it, see you in the next one for sure ^^

Marc *Dark Reader of the Woods* (marcthedarc) | 615 comments Hey, we are reading the third longest fantasy series of ever!


Just a few words shy of the Wheel of Time! Well, looks like 400,000 words or so, just like 5 more Discworld books.

Marc *Dark Reader of the Woods* (marcthedarc) | 615 comments So "an old witch" told Conina about "Herrydeterry". The witch is not named, but can there be any doubt that it was Granny Weatherwax?

Marc *Dark Reader of the Woods* (marcthedarc) | 615 comments I finished it last weekend and... it is a mess overall. Many good scenes but they don't mesh together well at all. I am convinced that this book was basically unfinished.

Better luck next time, and by next time I mean with our first entry into one of the major beloved Discworld sub-series, "The Witches", with Wyrd Sisters! Sure, we met Granny Weatherwax already in Equal Rites but you can't have witches (plural) without Nanny Ogg, am I right?

Sinisa | 332 comments I am jumping in this series hope it is ok. I have finished this recently and was better then i expected but I agree it was a mess of a plot. This is first book i really started liking Rincewind (was pretty annoying before) and that scene with flying carpet was hilarious to me. Was hoping to more Rincewind in next book but on other hand "Equal Rites" was my favorite so far so i am happy with "The Witches" coming in book No6.

Marc *Dark Reader of the Woods* (marcthedarc) | 615 comments Welcome Sinisa! Please stick around for as long as you like. I suspect that we will have a lot of reader turnover during this 3.5 year series buddy read.

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