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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Paranormal romance hero name is Gray or Grayson and is half demon but denies that side and his father who is a full demon. Possible part of a series that when he meets female lead is doomed or loses soul or perhaps her soul,

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Tammy | 35 comments Read within the past 4-7 years. I believe this book was part of a series. Gray/Grayson is the hero and is half demon. His father is full demon holding Grayson soul captive or possible soul of female lead unless he finds female lead or may be once he has relationship with female lead. He has nothing to do with his father and denies his demon half. Seems like there was a triggering event either related to female lead or her brothers where he had to reveal his powers. I cannot recall what those powers were. Seems like he worked as construction company or maybe law enforcement where he met female leads family. I wish I had more details. The only certain thing I am is the name and that he was half demon. Powers could either be death or incubus but I am not sure on that aspect.

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Tammy | 35 comments I found the book!! Ripper by Lexi Blake.


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