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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. 5 women get lost in the jungle after a shooting is made in a party where they were with their husbands. They didn’t get along very well. [s]

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hey guys! so last week I was talking with my mom about a book she read when she was younger, because of the amount of years that have passed she doesn’t remember the book’s name or the author’s name. She told me the story goes about a group of 5 women who get lost in the jungle after a shooting is made in a fancy party killing everyone (including their husbands) there. The thing is that they have to hide in the jungle and survive, Also they didn’t get along very well, so that’s a challenge too. I would be very glad if someone could give me a clue so I can get closer to find that book. Thank you so much!

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She’s telling me more about it. She remembers that they were in an island and had no water or food. They catched a rat and fed it with the food they recollected to see if it was poisoned or not

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They also made tampons with grass or something like that. Someone was following them, so they had to escape.
They made like a kind of raft and went into the ocean to run away from the people who were pursuing them.

These are vague memories she has, we will try to keep looking for details and other things that could help!

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she says she may have read it between 1985-1988

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Joseph (jsaltal) | 0 comments That does sound like Savages.

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yes!!! she saw the book cover and quickly recognized it!
thank you so much! i’ve just added it to my Want To Read list 😁

message 8: by Ashley (new) - added it

Ashley | 257 comments You’re welcome :)

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