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message 1: by Barbara (new)

Barbara (goodreadscombarbara_beers) | 1492 comments Mod
Is anyone interested is trying the A-Z challenge again this year?

Here's how it works: You want to try to use each letter of the alphabet for a book you read. It could be the title or author's first or last name, or even a letter inside one of the words. We're pretty flexible so don't sweat it!

Articles (i.e. "a", "an', "the", "of", "in", etc.) can be skipped in titles. It does not have to be only Amish fiction, it can be any fiction or non-fiction. Whatever you read in 2020 will qualify!

message 2: by Laura (last edited Oct 25, 2020 03:29PM) (new)

Laura (lolly-pops) | 92 comments Afterglow
B - Cowboy's Belated Discovery (The)
Collateral Damage
Dating Charade (The)
E - Margin of Error
Forever Hidden
Glimpses of Gossamer
Happy Camper (The)
If For Any Reason
Joke and Dagger

K - BreaKwater Protectot
Land Beneath Us (The)
M - Cowboy's Convenient Marriage (The)
No Time for Detours
Out of the Embers
P - Starfish Pier
Q - Dead End (Kaely Quinn Profiler)

Rains of Remorse
Sewn with Joy
T - Strands of Truth
U - Milkshake Up
V - Dr. Horatio Vs. the Six-toed Cat
Way of the Brave (The)
X - The EXercise of Interfering
Y - HollY Daze
Z - On a Coastal BreeZe

message 3: by Barbara (last edited Nov 06, 2020 08:06PM) (new)

Barbara (goodreadscombarbara_beers) | 1492 comments Mod
2020 - here I come...


A The Amish Candymaker (The Amish of Mackinac County, #2) by Laura V. Hilton (01/15/2020)
A An Amish Picnic: Four Stories by Amy Clipston, Kelly Irvin, Kathleen Fuller, Vannetta Chapman (02/04/2020)
A The Amish Wedding Promise (Hidden Springs, #1) by Laura V. Hilton (08/26/2020)
B The Bake Shop (Amish Marketplace, #1) by Amy Clipston (07/03/2020)
C Child of Mine by Beverly & David Lewis (04/29/2020)
C A Christmas to Die For (The Three Sisters Inn, #2) by Marta Perry (01/06/2020)
C A Churn for the Worse (An Amish Mystery, #5) by Laura Bradford (02/21/2020)
C The Coffee Corner (Amish Marketplace, #3) by Amy Clipston (09/21/2020)
D A Daughter's Truth by Laura Bradford (03/12/2020)
E Courting Emily (Wells Landing, #2) by Amy Lillard (10/09/2020)
F The Farm Stand (Amish Marketplace, #2) by Amy Clipston (07/10/2020)
G Amish Generations by Kathleen Fuller (06/25/2020)
H The Amish Christmas Gift (Hidden Springs, #2) by Laura V. Hilton (09/03/2020)
I An Amish Christmas Wedding: Four Stories by Amy Clipston, Kathleen Fuller, Kelly Irvin, Vannetta Chapman (07/27/2020)
J Just Plain Murder (An Amish Mystery, #6) by Laura Bradford (03/07/2020)
K A Killer Carol (An Amish Mystery, #7) by Laura Bradford (03/20/2020)
L Caroline's Secret (Wells Landing, #1) by Amy Lillard (05/04/2020)
M A Christmas Mourning (An Amish Mystery, #4.5) by Laura Bradford (02/10/2020)
N The Amish Newcomer by Patrice Lewis (08/10/2020)
O Amish Outsider (River Haven #1) by Marta Perry (10/28/2020)
P Promise Lodge (Promise Lodge, #1) by Charlotte Hubbard (09/28/2020)
P Piece by Piece by Laura Bradford (06/07/2020)
P Plain as Day (An Amish Mystery, #5.5) by Laura Bradford (02/27/2020)
Q The Blended Qjilt by Jean Brunstetter (10/04/2020)
R Amish Christmas Suite: Foodfluencer Poems & Recipe by James Schwartz (02/25/2020)
S Steadfast Mercy (Amish Mercies, #3) by Ruth Reid (07/29/2020)
S Suspendered Sentence (An Amish Mystery, #4) by Laura Bradford (02/08/2020)
T Thursday's Bride by Patricia Johns (09/16/2020)
T The Timepiece by Beverly Lewis (07/21/2020)
U Shunned and Dangerous (An Amish Mystery, #3) by Laura Bradford (01/24/2020)
V The Christmas Visitor (Amish of Prince Edward Island, #0.5) by Amy Grochowski (07/31/2020)
W Winter Wheat (At Home in Pennsylvania Amish Country, #1) by Karen Anna Vogel (03/13/2020)
X His Unexpected Amish Twins (Unexpected Amish Blessings #1) (11/06/2020)
Y The Tinderbox by Beverly Lewis (07/13/2020)
Z. The Promise (Southern Maryland Amish Romance #1) by Susan Lantz Simpson (10/20/2020)

message 4: by Alina (new)

Alina Bogateanu (elizuk87) | 1 comments I would love to take this challenge. So, here I am...

A -
B - Black-Tie Christmas - Jo Michaels
D - Devotionals For Women: 31 Days to Deeper Faith - Vida Li Sik
E - Embracing the Outcast (Crowns Legacy #2) - Nadine C. Keels
Î*- În umbra pașilor tăi - Vitali Cipileaga
P - Pride and Pancakes - Ellen Mint
R - Reviving the Commander (Crowns Legacy #1) - Nadine C. Keels
S - Something in the Water - Catherine Steadman
T - The Bishop's Daughter - Patricia Johns
U - Undercover Amish (Covert Police Detectives Unit #1) - Ashley Emma
W - Warrior ( Spiritual Warfare #1) - Linda K. Rodante

*You can find the letters Î, Ș and Ț if you read books in my native language: Romanian.

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