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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. MC romance book, girl just had a c-section and travel all the way to the club house to see someone, ends up having an infection. [s]

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Kaycee | 23 comments I remember she just had a baby but didn't have any money to take car of it, she travels with the baby to the club house to possibly see the father of the baby. She passes out or shows pain as soon as she gets there, they call the club doctor to look at her and see that her c-section incision is infected, the dad says something about how she is unfit to take care of a child when she couldn't take care of the kid. she mentions not taking the medication because of how it made her feel. I honestly only remember this and I know it happened in the very beginning of the book, but they probably ended up falling in love by the end. read probably in the last 3 years

Kaycee | 23 comments Yes thank you

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