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Stephen Renneberg (stephenrenneberg) | 8 comments The Spawn War

The latest book in the international award winning Mapped Space Universe is now available from Amazon - paperback only.

Category: Science Fiction, space opera, thriller, action, alien war.

"An enjoyable roller coaster of battles, narrow escapes, stellar dreadnoughts and fearsome mega-weapons, this is space opera as fans like it. Be prepared to dodge lethal energy beams on every page of this rip-roaring tale."
- Kirkus Reviews


The Spawn War rages unchecked across the galaxy, fought between ancient alien superpowers, its outcome will determine the fate of interstellar civilizations from the Orion Arm to the Cygnus Rim.

With the galactic order on the brink of collapse, EIS agent Sirius Kade is sent on his most dangerous mission yet, to open the way for a major offensive in the human civil war, to answer a plea for help from a distant prison world, and to aid an alien superpower in its struggle to defend the freedom of the galaxy.

To succeed Sirius must infiltrate enemy worlds, escape the ruthless Spawn Queen and deceive the woman he loves.


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O. Matt | 34 comments Ella Cloud came to green town:
she left her hometown with the only intention in mind,was to find a her man and when she did, she thought the best thing she could to do was to invite him to meet the parents.
They gave her the blessing she was looking for and only then she felt she had accomplished what every young women were looking for after climbing to the top of a mountain sixteen thousand feet above sea level

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