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Report to the Principal's Office!
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report to the principals office by jerry spinelli

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message 1: by Halie (new)

Halie | 6 comments Report to the principal’s office by Jerry Spinelli is about these two best friends who hope to be going to the same middle school. But there was a problem, the town’s population was growing more! There were more families and making their homes in Cedar Grove, and the Cedar Grove middle school couldn’t hold the kids, so… they built a new middle school, Plumstead to hold the growing population. They drew a line on the map to decide who goes to Cedar Grove and who goes to Plumstead. Both girls lived on the same street across from each other. The line ended up in the middle of the street, and so they will have to go to different schools. Sunny Wyler would go to the new school Plumstead and Hillary Kain would go to the old school Cedar Grove. The two friends are upset about getting split up so, the both girls will do there best to get in the same school. Sunny will do her very best to get herself suspended.

Although I haven’t finished the book but being close to the ending. I feel this book is a funny, silly adventure with the two girls. The silly part I like about the book is that when the new principal at Plumstead. He borrows a kid’s skateboard and goes rolling in the halls and falls into another class. I think this book will make you laugh if you have a good sense of humor with all the funny stuff Sunny does to get herself suspended at the new school. This book is a short quick read. I feel you would enjoy the fun adventure Sunny goes through to get to go to her friend’s school. And you will love the silly, crazy stuff she does to get out of the new school. If you like to read books that make you laugh, this is the book for you!

message 2: by Wendy (new)

Wendy (wendoo1105) | 14 comments This sounds like a fun book to read! the new principal sounds silly, I wonder who is you favorite character in this book?

message 3: by Jackson (new)

Jackson | 9 comments This sounds like a really funny and interesting book. What was one of your favorite pranks that the girls pulled on the principal to get suspended?

message 4: by Halie (new)

Halie | 6 comments Wendy wrote: "This sounds like a fun book to read! the new principal sounds silly, I wonder who is you favorite character in this book?"

my favorite character has to be sunny because how hard she tries to
get suspended

message 5: by Krystal (new)

Krystal | 11 comments it sounds like you really enjoyed this book. do you usually read humorous books? is there anything you didnt like about the book?

message 6: by Irie (new)

Irie (2000kid) | 8 comments Report to the Principal's Office sounds like a funny book. I wonder why do you like Sunny and what was the craziest thing she does?

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