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message 1: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Kiernan | 21 comments Mod
Kick-off for reading "Represent" has begun! We are so excited to start this journey with you all and hear from you what your thoughts and questions are. To start this book, we have a special message from the authors of "Represent," actress June Diane Raphael and Kate Black! Head to the videos section to hear from June and Kate on why they wrote this book, how they got started writing together, and words of encouragement as we all begin reading.

message 2: by Alicia (new)

Alicia Arellano-Pelletier (alicia2801) | 1 comments Just ordered it!

message 3: by Kathleen (new)

Kathleen Kiernan | 21 comments Mod
Alicia wrote: "Just ordered it!"

Awesome! Glad to have you join the community!

message 4: by Clarissa (new)

Clarissa Lewis | 1 comments I ordered my book and should be receiving it tomorrow!

message 5: by Jarinete (new)

Jarinete (jarisantos) | 3 comments Mod
Hi everyone, I hope everyone is enjoying the book! As I was reading today I kept flipping back to the Ayanna Pressley quote, "my biggest challenge was to get out of my own way and not to allow insecurities and self-doubt to stand in the way of what I had to contribute." As I read through all the other information I try to keep in mind that I have something important to contribute. I'm also noticing the variety of talent and experiences so many women have brought with them as their contributions. I am LOVING the "she believed and so she could" stories.

What are all of you thinking about as you read?

message 6: by Mary Campbell (new)

Mary Campbell | 2 comments I am a recently single mom with full custody and I keep thinking about the quote at the start of chapter 3 I think, I won’t quote since I don’t have my book at hand but something along the lines of ‘people keep asking me how I can run when I have 4 kids and my response is how can I not?’

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