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message 1: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Reeves | 10 comments Hello all!

I am in dire need of some feedback on a project I have been working for, for YEARS. Thus, I am looking for a writing swap. I enjoy reading horror, mystery, romance, fantasy, and some sci-fi. I can give feedback on history but will admit my knowledge is limited there.

This is a first novel to a series I am undergoing, and I have put together an albeit messy, but somewhat together, synopsis of what it's about. There will be multiple perspectives woven in the story, but there will be 2 main characters:

Shay Badcocke lives a simple life. She has accomplished her goal of becoming a renowned author, well enough to purchase her own home in the small town of Ironforge. She has no unrealistic expectations from life other than to prove people wrong.

That was, until she met Caspian.

He claims to be a seraph, which is a being higher than human. He shows up on her doorstep on a dark and story night - literally - to tell her of a dark mage who wishes to unite all the realms with bloodshed and violence. And that somehow, someway, she is meant to be his ally in defeating this so-called dark mage.

As Shay struggles with this unexpected turn in her life, the realms are tipping into chaos. In another realm, there is a wandering traveler who speaks of bloodthirsty revenge for a certain someone. In realms where magick is considered treason, this traveler finds himself gaining 2 young apprentices after being accused. But as they spend more time with this stranger, they find that he is terrifyingly powerful - so much so that they wonder if he is even human to begin with.

But one thing is for absolutely certain: he will stop at nothing to exact his revenge.

As trust is put on trial, tensions build, these characters fight to maintain balance in all the realms.


As I said, this is a truly messy synopsis. But if this somehow catches your interest, please let me know! I am looking general feedback, from a reader's standpoint.

message 2: by Robert (new)

Robert Brown | 68 comments Sarah,
If you're still looking for a swap/critique partner, I'm looking for help with "Fallout," my 109,000 word adult near-future science fiction.

Blurb: Tenjō Edwards, a husband, father, and professor of History who was denied tenure despite his expertise in Cold War nuclear strategy, has opened a martial arts school in a suburb of a near-future Los Angeles. When a nuclear bomb detonates across the city, Tenjō knows the survival of his daughters and the others sheltering at his dojo requires keeping them together. However, their safety isn’t enough when his wife is lost somewhere deep in the evacuation zone, compelling him to leave the security of his dojo to find her, even if it means navigating a maze of radioactive fallout, martial law, and opportunistic thugs.

Agent: None/need at least one more big revision before I'm ready to query.

Last books read: Revenger, Alastair Reynolds (2016), Fortress of Eagles, C.J. Cherryh (1998), The Book of Phoenix, Nnedi Okorafor (2010/2015), FALL, Neal Stephenson (2019)

Books that define me? King's Gunslinger, CJ Cherryh's Cyteen, Gaiman's American Gods, KS Robinson's Three Californias, but I've also loved lately reading Leckie, Adeyemi, Doctorow, Bacigalupi, Valdes, Chakraborty, N.K. Jemisin, and others.

Reply or email me if interested:


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