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message 1: by Alan (new)

Alan Taylor (alan_is_writing) | 4 comments Hi - apologies if this is a duplicate, or if there's something obvious I've missed.

I'm refreshing my goodreads information and I've noticed that in the tab description of my author page it's saying "Alan Taylor ( of Faction Paradox)"

I'd like to remove the wording in parentheses, but I can't work out how to do it - it doesn't appear to be in the data that I can edit. Am I missing something?

Alan Taylor

message 2: by annob (last edited Jan 22, 2020 08:06AM) (new)

annob | 1561 comments Hi Alan,

The text in the browser tab isn't something Librarians or Goodreads Authors can edit. However I believe the text should say "Alan Taylor (Author of Faction Paradox)" so there looks to be a word missing. To sort it out I recommend you to contact Goodreads Support, email contact form here:

message 3: by Alan (new)

Alan Taylor (alan_is_writing) | 4 comments Thanks - much appreciated.

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