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Monique Silence of the Forest.

The silence of the forest is unnerving in the cold air of night, when nothing stirs and all you can hear is the void of darkness so hollow is seems like an abyss. When any sound that comes is like an echo you can feel to your bones.
A voiceless cry through the shadows, rustling leaves and whispering branches.
Waiting in stillness under the trees in the light of a crescent moon, I can almost feel the silence and sense something lying in wait.
Perhaps it is merely my imagination, or no more than an owl sitting in the branches.
Some say the forest is so lonely; a place so desolate of voices that it seems lifeless. Yet one need only wait and listen to hear the world that lies in wait. A thousand tiny voices, of water, of insects, chirping in the trees, or the distant call on a lonely night.

They used to tell us that the woods were no place to go in the darkness, for beyond every step lurks a shadow waiting to stumble.
Yet one may never know the true silence until they walk on the edge of darkness through the night, listening to the trickle of mist as it settles upon the leaves. Walking through the shadows and they flicker before your eyes, morphing from man to beast until they are merely a tree all along.
Some are afraid of an animal in the darkness, yet for me, it is the silence. For the silence is what takes your breath. What steals your courage and whisks it away. The silence claws at you from within, telling you that you are so utterly alone, and yet. Yet, you are not alone. For deep in your bones you can feel there is something lurking, watching your every step. Every breath as you try not to stumble.
Sometimes the only way to keep your mind from wandering is to sing, hum a song deep in your heart to break the silence. To break the stillness so that you are not alone.

Deep shadows whisper nigh,
Hollow voices through the whispers,
voiceless, breathless in the darkness.

The air so cold, in the night.
an echoing whisper so far from sight.
Deep in the woodland, so far away

Who told the silence where I was gone.
the silence of the forest in the cold air of night,
shadowed in whispers, unheard
in the hours of night,
when souls may wander,
through the vale of time.

This hollow kingdom, a realm of night,
where watchers wait beyond the mist.
Another world that lies in wait,
cold as the winter, and summer frost.

The wind blows softly through the willows,
bringing their voices from deep asunder.
Long they wait, watchers of the night.
A year or a thousand, they may lie in state.
This long tall branches, spindly and grey,
draped in moss and old creeping widows.

They rose from the dust, and to they shall return,
centuries in the hollows,
silent in the dark.
Here we are waiting, wandering the night,
watched by faceless sorrows, remembered in the leaves.

For all that came to pass, witnessed under these,
the branches in the sky, and earth under-feet.
Here the wood lies watching,
seeing all that came,
watching in the hollows, the phantoms of night.
For there I remember, what once I should forget.
Things I have seen and things I may not.
the whispers of the willows,
ferns in the wind.

Here it lies in wait, forever to stand.
A silent forest echo, where all shall forget.
For deep in the shadows, where no man dare wander,
there lies a merry kingdom,
sewn in the timbers, long left behind.
The immortals of this world,
and sentinels of time.
Roots bent through this aged earth,
where many have walked this path in life.

Deep in the forest, so cold in the mist,
There they stand,
watchers in the night,
faceless guardians of the silence.

As I wander through the woodland, I remember the hollows, these places I dare not wander for fear of what is, or may not be. But only the memory carved into the land. For though there may be but a plant, how are we to know what this great old tree has witnessed, for it may stand a hundred, or even thousands of years.
Yet always shall it be the silence I remember.

(BTW, I've lived in a forest in the middle of nowhere for almost a decade, so used that as inspiration rather than the photos, hope you don't mind... )

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Lana (ohmylily) | 298 comments Mod
Yey, so am I Shine! There's so many things I could do with this, it's awesome.

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Lana (ohmylily) | 298 comments Mod
The pine needles crunched underneath my feet as I bounded through the forest.
Which way, which way?!
I thought furiously, my fingers drumming against my arm.
I HAVE to get there, I just HAVE to!
All was at stake, it was now or never again.
I slowed to a walk, my heart beating in my chest like a hummingbird.
Breathing in slowly, I closed my eyes, and opened my mouth to sing:

Maybe I am wrong 'bout life this time...
What if I'm lost now?
Thought I knew just how...
How to do it on my own, alone, just fine.
But now, look, I need help
Don't like to admit that.
Lord I need your help to stand
and know that, everything is in your hands.
You've got me here this far, somehow
So why am I doubting now?

"Lord, forgive me for doubting your presence here, for you are in everything around me." I whispered, my breath coming out steady again.

I picked myself and started to walk again, singing hymns out loud.
The work of music is powerful, especially when it's used to praise the Lord.
It makes you feel like you're not alone anymore. :)

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Lana (ohmylily) | 298 comments Mod
That was so much fun! Guys, I am thrilled for contest #10, but I warn you: It's going to be SUPER challenging, and it's not something you can pull from the pile of lyrics you've already made.

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When is the deadline? I missed the deadline for the last competition so I am determined to do this one.


message 6: by [deleted user] (new)

Oh. Right. Oops I totally forgot sorry, hehe;]
I'm still new I guess XD <3

message 7: by Lana, Co-Owner: Lyricist Cookies Sunshine <3 (new)

Lana (ohmylily) | 298 comments Mod
Nice, Shine! Haha, don't worry about it Shayna, you could ask a billion times and I would never get mad because you have a heart of gold, lol.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

Lana wrote: "Nice, Shine! Haha, don't worry about it Shayna, you could ask a billion times and I would never get mad because you have a heart of gold, lol."

Thank you so much!!!!!! I'm pretty can also count on me to be a total klutz [I am ALWAYS dropping stuff] but its ok. The lord doesn't judge me on that XD

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Lana (ohmylily) | 298 comments Mod
On your entry, Shine.

Lol, Shayna. I am also very klutzy, sadly. At least I make up for it in my organizing and singing skill! We all are bad at some things, but should focus on what we can become good at!

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Lana wrote: "On your entry, Shine.

Lol, Shayna. I am also very klutzy, sadly. At least I make up for it in my organizing and singing skill! We all are bad at some things, but should focus on what we can becom..."


Anna {Follow me for reviews! (✿◡‿◡)} I like your entry, Shine! You describe everything a lot that I feel like I would: glittery snow and the dead and bare trees being full of suspense. It's cool!

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The bark that was nestled under the hollow tree creaked under my sneakers. Crack. The sky was dull, with stratus clouds hovering, as if they were testing me, seeing when I thought they would finally release rain. The day felt lonely. Not a single flock of birds flew by, united like a pack of wolves. Instead, they all flew alone. Individually. Just like me.

What girl in her right mind would wander alone in the woods? I realize I’m beginning to sound like a fairy tale. I suppose you’re only waiting for me to say, “And they lived happily ever after!”

People begin to think of the line, “Don’t wander in the woods alone,” is a line that only sees the dawn of day in books. Literature. My dark brown hair flew in front of my eyes. I sighed, taking in my surroundings. I almost didn’t recognize this place. Through the midst of the fog, I still attempted to smile at the wind.

"This isn’t the forest I knew"

When did the forest get dark?
When did the plants wither?
When did I have,
To force this smile,
When I walk in the woods?

Everything used to be,
There used to be regular light
But now, everything’s withered
And I don’t

This isn’t the forest I knew,
This is no longer a lively place,
What on earth happened?
Why is it so vacant?

The forest was my escape from home,
A place I’d go
When I’d start to lose faith,
Now it’s you
That’s lost it now.

I walked out of the forest. I knew what had happened. The forest lost it’s faith. Lost it’s faith in God. And I now know that’s why I can’t. I can’t ever forget that God is with me.

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Finally done!

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

I actually forgot to look at the pictures until now so I didn't really use them for inspiration. Hopefully that's ok with you!!

message 15: by Laura-Lee (last edited Jan 26, 2020 02:45AM) (new)

Laura-Lee Rahn (lauraleewashere) | 92 comments GOD of the IMPOSSIBLE

“Maybe we should ask the Christian chick?”

“Do we have to? You know how she is. She’ll probably want us all on our knees praying to her buddy, Jesus. And my pants are going to get all wet!”

“Well. I guess we can leave it for now. We’re not exactly desperate. Let’s just keep going for a while longer and see what happens.”

I’m the “Christian Chick” that Stacey and Peri are whispering about. Again. You’d think after a month of working and living together they wouldn’t only know that I pray a lot but that I’m able to hear them when they are talking about me.

This was supposed to be my dream job. My minister had some connections and had gotten it for me. I know his heart was in the right place but I have wondered many times, “What was he thinking?”

I had graduated from a Christian High school the previous year and had to watch all my friends head off to their various colleges and universities and I went out and got a job. I had a partial scholarship but no where near the money I needed. Even though I only had my eyes set on a Junior College in our city, I was still short several thousand. In order to have enough for the two years I was planning, I had already spent a year working as a waitress. I didn’t mind doing a job that most people consider lowly, because my goal was to open my own restaurant. But what I did mind was the restaurant I was working at suddenly went out of business and left me scrambling for another job.

My parents had used up their savings by paying the tuition of the final two years of my Christian high school and the best they could do was pay for my room and board and any living expenses so that all my work wages could go straight into the bank. And I didn’t mind having to work hard either. I watched my richer friends skip classes and squander opportunities as they attended some of the most prestigious schools their parents could pay for. They simply had no concept of the cost or value of their education. My Mom summed it up one day when I came clomping home after a particularly bad, hard day at work.

“When you’re finally in school - and you will get there - you won’t be wasting your time at a lot of parties or giggling with your friends in the library when you’re supposed to be studying! You’ll make every second count!”
I knew she was right. There’s something about cleaning fry vats for hours a week to make you appreciate the education it paid for.
But here I was at my “dream” job with it’s “dream” paycheck and wondering what God was up to.

I was working at the Lake Marvel Retreat. A beautiful, scenic, ritzy place complete with nature walks, horseback rides, boating on the lake and fly fishing on the nearby river. And it cost the patrons a pretty penny to be at that pretty place. I was here because of my Pastor’s friend, who was some administrative higher up and because of my experience with children. Even at my young age of 19, I had been a Sunday School teacher for a couple of years.
My two ‘whispering’ friends were here because their dads or moms were friends of the owners and they wanted to earn some extra spending money for the trip to Europe they were planning for the coming summer.

One of the many problems for the three of us lumped together was that, being city girls, none of us knew ‘diddle-lee-squat’ about the out of doors. It was a cold March day (and getting colder) and we were in charge of 22 little girls, each under the age of 13. And we were hopelessly lost! However, that last piece of information seemed to be something only I was aware of. Or better put, I was the only one aware of how hopelessly lost we were.

Stacey and Peri were the ones in charge of what was supposed to be a babysitting excursion (we keep the kiddies happy while Mom and Dad get to have their fun) and I was the “seen-but-not-heard” helper. I had suggested a couple times that perhaps we should turn back for the Main Cottage in case we might get lost, already knowing that we were lost, but I was vetoed with a couple of sighs and nasty looks that clearly told me to keep my nose into my own business. But now the 22 Munchkins had grown silent, which let me know that they had figured out that we were not where we thought we were.

I had been hearing the phrase, “Let’s just keep going for a while longer and see what happens,” for a couple hours now and as the winter sky turned an amazing hue of azure, all that the majestic sight made us feel was FEAR. Night was quickly approaching and even though there wasn’t much snow, it was our wet, sweaty clothes and the quick dropping temperatures that required some immediate attention and decisions. Then a blood curdling howl split through the dense forest and we all froze in our tracks! Finding NO comfort in the idea that we weren’t alone in this wilderness.

I had already been praying silently for God’s help and guidance as I was walking along, but now I felt Him give me a good heavy nudge. The time for shyness or politeness was long gone. We were in trouble, God knew the escape and had His plan, but He needed someone willing to listen to what He had to say. I didn’t have to be a wilderness expert or Grizzly Adams. I just needed to be available. And the strange thing is, at the very moment when everyone, Leader and Follower alike, realized we were in big trouble, they all turned and looked at me. But I didn’t take long to ponder it. I tried to look as cheerful and confident as I could, given the situation, and then asked Stacey if I could take a look at the map she was carrying in her coat pocket.
As she handed it to me, all 25 of us gathered around it to take a look. We were supposed to have been following it all along, but I had assumed we were lost because the two girls had not been paying attention as they discussed their fashions and their friends. But after studying the map for a couple minutes, I realized that we were exactly where we were supposed to be. According to the map.

“I’m not as stupid as you think I am, are I?” Stacey spit out at me.

I answered back truthfully. “No. You’re not.”

One sweet, little eight year old nicknamed “Bullet”, because she was always zipping this way and that, asked, “Well. If we’re not lost, why aren’t we at the Main Cottage?”
Looking at the map again, I saw there was a triangle drawn almost right in the middle of it. It was the path we had been following all day to take us on our adventure. Then it would lead us back to the Main Cottage. But it wasn’t a wiggly triangle, as if it followed different paths, but a triangle with perfectly straight lines. As if it had been drawn with a ruler. As we later found out, that’s exactly what had happened. The person who was supposed to have organized our outing got busy or lazy and just drew a triangle on a map, handed it to Stacey and sent three teenagers and 22 little girls out into a snowy forest for a day of “fun”. By the time we figured all this out, we were 7 miles away from the Main Cottage but only an hour away from darkness. We knew what direction to head, but how would we know how to find a path. The way we had come was extremely rough and attempting to go back the same way, and in the dark, would have not only been slow but also very dangerous.

There was no way to hide our situation from the younger kids. We were in a heap of trouble and the fear was so thick in everyone that I could actually feel it as if it was a tangible force. 25 of us had to travel 7 miles in one hour with no known paths, no flashlight and all of us already tired from the entire day we had spent hiking through the woods.

And as my brain started listing all the horrible things that could go wrong and how many people could get hurt, I felt the fear fall on me too. Hard. There was a task ahead of us that was humanly impossible to accomplish and I knew it as much as everyone else did. But then I heard a meek little voice say,
“Maybe we could pray?”
I expected to look up and see one of the little girls speaking to me, but I was staring into the eyes of Stacey.
I felt so amazed that it took her, someone who not only had so little knowledge of God but what she did know, she didn’t like, to remind me to pray. And in that moment I realized again that there is no such thing as impossible to God. The cold inside me melted away and I could actually feel my face turn warm. Because, after all, “Our God is a consuming fire”.

As darkness fell, we all bowed our heads and as I led in prayer, each girl in her own heart and in her own way took a step toward her Creator and Savior.

It would make a really fantastic ending to this story to be able to say we were miraculous transported to the Main Cottage. But it was a long, hard, cold, walk back and by the time we arrived it was close to 4:00 am. The building was swarming with local Police, Search and Rescue, Parents and volunteers who were just getting organized to come out and look for us. A lot of lights and a lot of commotion. But they found us alright. It would have been hard to miss 25 girls come marching like an army out of the dark, snowy forest at 4:00 am singing at the top of their lungs,

“When dark is falling fast
And fear is growing high
Our God of the Impossible
… is always standing by.”

“Never to forsake His kids
To hear our every cry
Our God of the Impossible,
… gives us wings to fly.”

“This is my last step!’, I say
I’ve done all I can try
But God don’t know ‘Impossible’,
… He cannot even die.”

“MY God of the Impossible
Will never let me die

Love Laura-Lee

message 16: by Laura-Lee (new)

Laura-Lee Rahn (lauraleewashere) | 92 comments oh Dear.
How will I make another choice?!
I echo about this comp being so full of possibilities about what to write. I kept switching and looking at the photos again for days.

When Comp # 10 comes, my problem won't be what I enter but how will I choose among the rest of you.

As for this one, I haven't even come near to choosing because this is only my first read through, but I want to tell Shayna that she actually got me all choked up. I used to live on a farm as a child for a few years and went back years later after it had belonged to someone else and it was horrible. A wreck. So when I was reading Shayna's lyrics they got to me.
Plus I'm super impressed that she used the word Stratus for clouds. I don't even know what those are. You have sent me off to my MW dictionary to learn a new word. God bless you! I LOVE new words, new stories and new authors.
A wonderful Sunday to you all as I take a bit of a Technology break.
Write on, group!

PS My nose is currently arrogantly stuck up because of Shine not putting me in her story. Where do I go to apply to become a Pinkster? LL

message 17: by Lana, Co-Owner: Lyricist Cookies Sunshine <3 (new)

Lana (ohmylily) | 298 comments Mod
YAYY. #10, bring it ONNNNNN.

message 18: by Maddie (new)

Maddie (mysteria02) | 133 comments Can I just write the song and not the story? I am not that good at writing stories like this

message 19: by Lana, Co-Owner: Lyricist Cookies Sunshine <3 (new)

Lana (ohmylily) | 298 comments Mod
Ah, you could do a really short story, just a sentence of context like:
"I was walking through the forest and feeling afraid, when I started to sing" Literally, a sentence is all you need, then you could put your song on!

message 20: by Maddie (new)

Maddie (mysteria02) | 133 comments Kay thanks

message 21: by Maddie (new)

Maddie (mysteria02) | 133 comments I know what they want from me, but I know I can’t give it. I run out of the house and up my block. Until the forest is in sight, I don’t stop. The bench is there but I know if I stop then all my thoughts will catch up with me and I can’t let them win. My dream may fail before my eyes, but what if I don’t try? Regret is worse than heartbreak. Heartbreak you can’t control, regret you can. That’s what you told me my entire life, Father. Now I am putting it into practice. I start running and put my arms up, this is my moment.
I don’t stop my voice this time, I just let it sing.

I’m moving fast
Feet going in no direction
The leaves crunch beneath my toes
But I can’t hear a thing

My mind is moving,
I can’t breath

So I will run
Till I can’t move
I will fly
Into the clouds
Leave my worries on
The crowded bunch
Where we first met
I won’t go out of my comfort zone
I am free to be myself

I can feel
The breeze
Taking my fears
Letting them blow away
I can feel my heart pounding
Its the sound of freedom

So I will chase the clouds
And let them take me to the
Great unknown
The blue sky above
The great wide world below
No more running
I am free to be myself

I can run, I can soar
Take these wings
And watch me take flight
I can climb to the top
Of the trees see everything below me
My heart will race my skin will tingle
Because freedom is in my grip

So I won’t run away
I won’t escape no more
I will take my life
Won’t let them make of it
What they want
The future is mine
They can have my past
Its all behind me
My life before me
I am free to be whoever I want to be
And take what I want

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