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((Look at Rules first!))
This roleplay is set in the future (3000 AD to be accurate). There is a lot of tech advancements now and the universe is in danger... You have been selected as part of an elite team to go out and save the rest of the worlds. The leader Lizzy Axel ((my character)) has chosen you because you are above ordinary. You are now the only chance in order to stop the end of time... You are the only one who can change the course of the future. Are you ready?
((Then head to Introduce Your Character))

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) ((Is it okay with you if I add the whole Purehuman/mutation thing to this section?))

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zaide [...moss] (fireflyinthedark) In the past, there was (and still is) prejudice between the Pures and the Mutts. The Pures are humans or other species who have only have the blood and features of one species. Mutts are humans or other species that were tested on in labs and had their DNA combined with that of another species. Most Mutts have some features of the species they were combined with, but some are able to hide it. (Ex: My character Chayne has wings, and my other character Alairia is a mutt that can hide it.) Most Pures hate mutts, calling them unnatural and other things. The few Pures that don't hate mutts are labeled as Sympathizers. The Lab Massacre happened when a group of Pures raided/burned/destroyed one of the two Mutt shelters on Earth. Only Three Mutts survived that massacre. (Chayne, my character, Silver, a half-tiger-half-human mutt that is open for anybody to make, and someone else, also open for someone to make.)

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