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All Things Writing & Publishing > Is anyone else seeing international reviews linked on the .com Amazon page?

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message 1: by J.J. (new)

J.J. Mainor | 2250 comments On Amazon, you get your reviews from the US site linked to the other, "international sites" listed as "Most helpful customer reviews on," but the common complaint seems to be those international reviews don't show up on the .com page.

But all of sudden lately, I've got a book where that is happening...a review received on the Canadian site has been showing up on the .com page. I don't see this with other books that have reviews in Canada, but I do with one. Has anyone else seen this with your books?

message 2: by Graeme (new)

Graeme Rodaughan Yep. Same here.

message 3: by Nik (new)

Nik Krasno | 14953 comments I see that Amazon added "Top international reviews", where they complement US reviews with those from other locations. In my case, for example, they added one UK review and one from Australia for Mortal Showdown.

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